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Alice-Mary Talbot
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Oral History Interview with Alice-Mary Talbot, undertaken by Jeanne-Nicole Saint-Laurent at the Dumbarton Oaks Guest House (Fellows Building) on August 5, 2009. At Dumbarton Oaks, Alice-Mary Talbot was a Junior Fellow of Byzantine Studies (1966–1968), a Senior Fellow of Byzantine Studies (1978–1983), an Associate for Academic Affairs, Center for Byzantine Studies (1978–1980), a Byzantine Studies Visiting Senior Research Associate (1991–1992), the Advisor for the Hagiography Project (1992–1996), the Advisor for the Hagiography Project and Advisor for Byzantine Publications (1996–1997), the Director of Byzantine Studies (1997–2009), and a Senior Fellow (ex-officio) of Byzantine Studies (1997–2008).
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Natalia Teteriatnikov (DOA Interview)
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Oral History Interview with Natalia Teteriatnikov, undertaken by James W. Curtin and Joshua Wilson in the Dumbarton Oaks Study on June 24, 2013. At Dumbarton Oaks, Natalia Teteriatnikov was a Junior Fellow of Byzantine Studies (1982–1983), Curator of Byzantine Visual Resources (1986–1994), and Curator of the Byzantine Photograph and Fieldwork Archives (1994–2008).
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Ercüment Atabay
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Oral History Interview with Ercüment Atabay, undertaken by Günder Varinlioğlu on May 19, 2011, at Mr. Atabay’s apartment in Istanbul. Mr. Atabay was associated with people and projects in Istanbul that were sponsored by Dumbarton Oaks. The interview was conducted in Turkish, transcribed, and translated into English. English conventions are used in the translation. For example, the English honorifics “Mr.” and “Mrs.” that accompany the Turkish names are an approximation of the Turkish honorifics “Hanım” and “Bey.”
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Alexander Kazhdan
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Few individuals were as influential to the field of Byzantine Studies during the past century as Alexander Kazhdan. Kazhdan, a Russian scholar, immigrated to the United States in 1978 after it became clear that Soviet censorship was limiting his ability to publish his research.  While he is perhaps best known for his work on the Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium, he […]
The Social Lunch
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Dumbarton Oaks, unlike many other institutions of its kind, is home to three, very different programs of study.  On their own, Byzantinists, Pre-Columbianists, and Garden & Landscape scholars would have no reason to interact, but at Dumbarton Oaks this is not the case.  By organizing communal lunches, teas, and social hours, a unique culture has […]
The Swimming Pool
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Out of Dumbarton Oaks’s many prominent garden features, the swimming pool remains one of the most popular.  The pool was built in the early 1920s, replacing the stable yard and manure pit belonging to the previous residents. Currently, the pool is available for use by all staff and Fellows of Dumbarton Oaks outside of the garden’s public hours. […]
God's Regents on Earth: A Thousand Years of Byzantine Imperial Seals
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For over a thousand years the Byzantine Emperor ruled as God's regent of earth. The decisions of the individuals who sat on the throne had repercussions throughout the Byzantine world and far beyond. Decrees, letters, judgments, and commands left Constantinople every day signed by the emperor in red ink and secured with the imperial seal. The designs of the imperial seals provide an insight into the minds and policies of the rulers whose image they bore; they tell us not only how they wished to be viewed by the recipients of their letters, but also how they viewed themselves.
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Byzantine Summer School
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Instructions For Using The Hagiography Database
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Please note that the interface for the Hagiography database is under development.
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Hagiography Database
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Online version of the Dumbarton Oaks Hagiography Database, originally released in 1998.
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