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Back row: Kurt Weitzmann, Barbara Sessions, Ethel Burnet Clark, Paul Undersood, and Milton Anastos. Front row: Elizabeth Sgalitzer [Ettinghausen], Josephine Harris, Margaret Ames [Alexander], Rosalie Green, and John S. Thacher. Jun 30, 2014
Back row: Edward K. Rand, George La Piana, John C. Baker, Robert Blake, Charles Rufus Morey. Front row: Albert M. Friend, Paul Sachs, Michael I. Rostovtzeff, Sirarpie Der Nersessian, and Alexander A. Vasiliev. AR.PH.Misc.273. Jun 30, 2014
Rosa, Josephine, and Trollie, November 1944. AR.PH.Misc.270. Jun 30, 2014
Michael Rostovtzeff, Alexander Vasiliev, and Charles Rufus Morey, ca. 1944. AR.PH.Misc.266. Jun 30, 2014
Leontyne Price Concert at Dumbarton Oaks Jun 25, 2014
“From the Archives” Nov 06, 2012
Don Stephen Rice Aug 08, 2014
Semavi Eyice Jun 23, 2014
Ercüment Atabay Aug 05, 2013
N. C. Christopher Couch Aug 06, 2014
News Item
The Oral History 100 Jul 25, 2014
A Serendipitous Cache of Vintage Photographs Jun 30, 2014
Leontyne Price: "What a pleasure it was." Nov 05, 2012
Dumbarton Oaks, Evermay, and the Carl Milles Fountain May 29, 2014
The Analog Photography Era (1944–2004) Apr 22, 2014
"The Underworld Courier," an Early Dumbarton Oaks Newsletter Jul 08, 2013
OLP Essay
Fifty Years Later Apr 18, 2013
Philip Johnson and Mildred Barnes Bliss Apr 18, 2013
The Pre-Columbian Pavilion as Postmodern Design Apr 18, 2013
Critical Appraisal of the Philip Johnson Pavilion Apr 18, 2013
Last Concerns: Installation of the Collection, Landscaping, and “the Acoustical Problem” Apr 18, 2013
OL Publication
Philip Johnson at Dumbarton Oaks Apr 18, 2013
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