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Igor Stravinsky, photograph by , ca. 1936. Inscribed: Pour Madame Robert Woods Bliss témoignage d'une sympathie très respectueux Igor Stravinsky Paris Avril / 36. Mar 27, 2014
Jean Kellogg, photograph by Edward Weston, 1940. Mar 27, 2014
Henry James, photograph by E. Walter Histed, 1899. Mar 27, 2014
Winterreise, Doda Conrad and Lili Kraus, 1950. (Dumbarton Oaks Archives) Jan 27, 2014
J. L. Johnson and Cecil Mack's "The Original Charleston" Dec 20, 2013
“From the Archives” Nov 06, 2012
Eunice and Henry Maguire Jun 12, 2013
Otto Demus and the San Marco Mosaics Project Papers Aug 05, 2013
Francis Dvornik Papers and Images Aug 08, 2013
André Grabar Papers Aug 27, 2013
News Item
"We shall hurry back so as to be here to watch the garden put on its spring garb" Apr 24, 2013
Leontyne Price: "What a pleasure it was" Nov 05, 2012
“I’m glad you care to have a photograph” Mar 27, 2014
Byzantine Sacred Music Feb 20, 2014
Winterreise and the Journey of Wintertime German Lieder at Dumbarton Oaks Jan 27, 2014
"The Underworld Courier," an Early Dumbarton Oaks Newsletter Jul 08, 2013
OLP Essay
Fifty Years Later Apr 18, 2013
Philip Johnson and Mildred Barnes Bliss Apr 18, 2013
The Pre-Columbian Pavilion as Postmodern Design Apr 18, 2013
Critical Appraisal of the Philip Johnson Pavilion Apr 18, 2013
Last Concerns: Installation of the Collection, Landscaping, and “the Acoustical Problem” Apr 18, 2013
OL Publication
Philip Johnson at Dumbarton Oaks Apr 18, 2013
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