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The Urn Terrace

Enclosed Gardens
The Urn Terrace

Farrand designed the Urn Terrace (at that time known as the Box Terrace) to be "an introduction to the Rose Garden, rather than a garden of importance on its own account," but it was significantly modified by Ruth Havey in the 1950s. In the northern portion, Havey replaced Farrand's simple straight lines of boxwood (still remaining in the southern portion) with curved brick lines filled with ivy. The pebblework at the base of the urn was laid down in 1958 by Vincent De Benedetto as a test pattern for the large mosaic to be placed in the Pebble Garden.

The urn is a copy in stone of an eighteenth-century terracotta urn that Mrs. Bliss purchased in France. The original was removed and placed in the Garden Library when the terracotta proved too soft to withstand Washington's winters.

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