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The Herbaceous Border

Informal Gardens
The Herbaceous Border

The two herbaceous borders are two parallel hundred-foot-long beds of mixed annuals and perennials surrounded by hedges of Taxus baccata 'Hicksii'. The focal points at the end of the borders are two fastigiate Irish yews, with Mrs. Yew at the west end and Mr. Yew at the east, set within a separate room containing four Farrand-designed benches. Farrand specified that the color composition of plants within these borders be shades of pink, red, lavender, and pale blue in contrast with the hotter palette chosen for the Fountain Terrace. Today, as in Farrand's time, the borders change from tulips and pansies in the spring to annuals and perennials in the summer, and finish with chrysanthemums and asters in the autumn.

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