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The Kitchen Gardens

Informal Gardens
The Kitchen Gardens

In 1927 Farrand designed the Kitchen Gardens as three outdoor rooms: an arboretum where the Cutting Garden is today, a vegetable garden in the present Growing Garden, and a frame yard in the present Peony Garden. All three rooms were enclosed by a combination of walls, hedges and, in the case of the vegetable garden, a grape arbor running along its eastern edge. Farrand also designed the three tool sheds, whose terracotta-tile ogee roofs have recently been restored.

The uses of these gardens have evolved over time. During World War Ⅱ, the arboretum became a Victory Garden with demonstrations given by Dumbarton Oaks gardeners to the leaders of the American Women's Voluntary Services. Eventually it evolved into a Cutting Garden to provide fresh flowers for the Main House and for official functions. At some point the other, larger vegetable garden changed to a chrysanthemum Growing Garden, and vegetables and herbs are now grown in a smaller area between the Prunus Walk and Growing Garden.

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