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Within Dumbarton Oaks thanks are owed to

  • Wendy Johnson, cataloger and metadata expert with a vision and the high standards to meet it.
  • Katy Van Arsdale, research associate in 2013-2014, who researched and wrote the garden essays and biographies in addition to working on design and construction, testing and testing and testing again through every iteration and adjustment.
  • Jan Ziolkowski, director of Dumbarton Oaks, for supporting an ambitious multi-year project with additional resources.
  • Megan Cook, photographer, who prepared digital images of all the drawings and historic photographs.
  • Sarah Mackowski and Joy Siebers, who scanned thousands of pages of the correspondence.
  • Lain Wilson and Kathy Sparkes in the Publications Department, who helped in many ways for many months as we developed the online archives in Plone.
  • Deb Brown, Sarah Burke Cahalan, James Carder, Kim Clark, Bridget Gazzo, Gail Griffin, Linda Lott, and Sandra Parker Provenzano, all of whom offered expertise about the gardens themselves or advised on the design and construction of the online archives, including user interface testing through multiple iterations.

Thanks are also owed to

  • Nita Beck and Kelby Schuetz at Nita Beck Communications for working with us on a pilot project in 2012 that taught us a lot and energized us even more.
  • The Jazkarta team who helped us design this site in Plone – Sally Kleinfeldt, Alec Mitchell, and Carlos de la Guardia; and Alice Tseng who consulted on user interface issues.
  • Deborah Patton, indexer extraordinaire.   She stuck with us over five years as this project morphed from a simple index for the written correspondence into a full-blown indexed and searchable digital collection of our garden records in several media.  We could never have made this material available online without her.

Sheila Klos

Director of the Library

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