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Chronology of Garden Names

Parts of the garden have gone by many different names over the years. Names listed here are drawn from correspondence, drawings, Beatrix Farrand's Plant Book for Dumbarton Oaks, and current usage at Dumbarton Oaks. An asterisk appears next to variant names that can be used to refine searches, as described in the How to Search & Refine guide.

Current Name

Variant Names

28th Street House

28th Street House

32nd Street

32nd Street Border
32nd Street Drive
32nd Street Entrance
32nd Street Wall
32nd St.
Old Service Entrance and Driveway
Service Drive / Driveway
Service Entrance

Acorn House

The Kennels
Mrs. Clark’s Cottage

Arbor Terrace

Arbor Garden 
Herb Garden *
Pot Garden
Terrace E *
Wisteria Arbor

Beech Terrace

Terrace A *

Bowling Green

Bowling Alley

Box Walk

Box Walk

Catalogue House

Catalogue Hill
Catalog House
Catalogue Knoll

Cherry Hill

Cherry Slope
Iris Hill
Iris Walk

Cool House

Orchid House


Pre-Columbian Museum
Pre-Columbian Pavilion
Philip Johnson Pavilion
Philip Johnson Wing

Crabapple Hill

Crab Hill
Crab Orchard
Crabapple Hillside


The Glade
The Knoll to the West of the Superintendent’s Cottage
The Woods

Director’s House and Terrace


Dumbarton Oaks

The Oaks
Oakdom / Oakdum
The Rock of Dumbarton

Dumbarton Oaks Park

Clifton Hill / Hillside
Hazel Walk / nut walk
Wall Garden

East Lawn

Cockylocky or Cocky-Locky
Gothic Garden
The Wilderness


Box Ellipse
Hornbeam Ellipse

Elm Terrace

Elm Terrace

Entrance Drive

31st Street / St. Entrance
East Entrance Drive
Exit Drive
Main Entrance
Parking Space or Area

Fairview Hill

Fairview Hill

Fellow’s Quarters and Yard

The Dump
The Dwelling
Estate Quarters and Office
Fellow’s Building
Fellow’s Quarters
Repair House
Storage Yard

Forsythia Dell

Forsythia Arch
Forsythia Bank
Forsythia Border
Forsythia Circle
Forsythia Gate / Gateway
Forsythia Hollow
Forsythia Seat / Seats
Forsythia Steps

Fountain Terrace

Flower Garden
Fountain Garden
Terrace D *

Garden Library and Ribbon Walk

Garden Library and Ribbon Walk

Goat Trail

Goat Trail Path

Green Garden

Green Garden

Herbaceous Border

Herbaceous Garden

Kitchen Gardens

Byzantine Garden
Cold Frames
Cutting Garden
Flower Garden
Frame Yard
Garden for the Blind
Garden of Scents
Grape Arbor
Growing Garden
Mum Field
Peony Garden
Pit House
Tool House
Vegetable Garden
Victory Garden

Lilac Circle

Camellia Circle
Camellia Garden
Orange Walk
Perspective Walk

Lovers’ Lane Pool

Garden Theater
Lovers’ Lane Gate
Lovers’ Lane Trellis
Theatre / Theater Pool

Mélisande’s Allée

Mélissande’s Allée
Mélisande Steps
Mélisande’s Wall

Museum Courtyard

Museum Cortile
Office Garden

Music Room Terrace

Music Room Terrace
Office Garden

North Vista

Bench Terrace
Cedar Garth
Cedar Terrace
Intermediate Terrace / Section
North Bay
North Court
North Section
The Tunnel




Goat Trail
Orchard Hill

Pebble Garden

Tennis Court *
Tennis Court Parterre

Plum Walk

Bird Walk
Prunus Walk

R Street

Entrance Gates
Gate House / Gatehouse
Inner Edges of East Lawn
Path Around the East Lawn
Porter’s Lodge
R Street Border
R Street Walk

Rose Garden

Quod Severis Metes
Rose Terrace
Terrace C *

Service Court

Garage Court
Tool House
Service Group
Wood Shed

South Lawn

Front Lawn

Star Garden

Green Garden with Aquarius Fountain
Star in Green Garden
Zodiac Court
Zodiac Garden

Superintendent’s Cottage

Butler’s Cottage
Gardener’s House
Superintendent’s Dwelling
Superintendent’s House
Superintendent’s Quarters

Swimming Pool and Loggia

Horseshoe Pool
Horseshoe Steps 
Rinceau Steps
Shell Fountain

Terrior Column and Enclosure

Terrior Column
Terrior Enclosure
The Terrior

Trompe L’Oeil

The Perspective

Urn Terrace

Box Garden
Box Terrace *
Terrace B *

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