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Beatrix Farrand to Mildred Bliss, October 16, 1944
Beatrix Farrand
Mildred Barnes Bliss
Date Written
Garden Area
Catalogue House
North Vista
Mélisande's Allée
Herbaceous Border

Discusses Beatrix Farrand's upcoming visit to Dumbarton Oaks to talk with Mildred Bliss about studies for new buildings, revised drawings for the Ellipse, revised planting plans for the North Vista, the possibility of raising the North Vista walls, the question of walls for the Herbaceous Border, the enlargement of the Catalogue House, and the wall at the north end of Melisande's Allee.

Mentions the State Department is still moving material out of Dumbarton Oaks and Beatrix will be staying at the Mayflower Hotel.

An "appeal" letter for funding was probably enclosed and is no longer with letter.

Handwritten signature and postscript in black ink.

Typewritten with handwritten postscript on Beatrix Farrand's letterhead.

Received at Dumbarton Oaks, October 18, 1944.

Carbon copy of letter also in Collection.

Title created by cataloger.

Accession No.
B:BF 1944.10.16
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Mayflower Hotel (Washington, D.C.)
United States. Department of State
Dumbarton Oaks
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Thacher, John
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Index Terms
Bryce, James → California vacation for → JT on possibility of
Catalogue House → enlargement of, to be discussed with MB
Ellipse → revised drawings of, to show MB
Farrand, Beatrix, scheduling → 1944, Oct. at DO → items to be discussed with MB
Mélisande's Allée → wall for → at north end, to be discussed with MB
North Vista → planting changes in → to be discussed with MB
North Vista → wall height and scale → raising of?
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden → fundraising letter/pamphlet → MxF's revisions requiring remodelling of
walls → Mélisande's Allée → at north end, to be discussed with MB
walls → North Vista, height and scale of → raising of?