Internship Policies

ICFA hosts internships each semester for graduate and undergraduate students. Projects include archival processing and description, digitization, exhibit curation, and metadata initiatives. ICFA also provides a unique opportunity for interns to engage with both the archival and visual resources communities and their practices.

ICFA Staff and Interns


All students must receive course credit for their internship. Students are required to complete at least 120 (or more) internship hours for each semester.


Hours of Operation

Work hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM with a lunch break between 12 PM to 1 PM, during which time the main ICFA door will be locked. Staff and interns are requested to plan their work schedule around these hours. While ICFA can be flexible with students’ work hours, we prefer that interns schedule their work days consecutively.


ICFA is located in the second floor of the Research Library. Interns will be assigned a work area in the ICFA Reading Room and archival/office supplies, as necessary. Typically we are able to provide a computer workstation for each intern. However, due to space constraints, we may require students to bring their own personal laptop.

Method of Supervision

The intern supervisor reviews and checks the intern’s work progress every week and can be approached in person or via email, as necessary, for questions and concerns about the project. The intern supervisor also monitors the work progress through the intern’s work journal, which is created at the beginning of the internship and maintained throughout its duration.

Orientation and Department Expectations

On their first day, interns will be given a tour of the ICFA department, as well as an orientation of the Research Library and online resources, which will will be scheduled and offered by a Library staff. Tours of other components of Dumbarton Oaks, such as the Museum and Gardens, may be scheduled during the semester.

At the end of their internship, students are required to submit a project report to their intern supervisor. Interns are also encouraged to fill out the staff evaluation form, which will be used to evaluate interns’ overall experience at ICFA. If required by the university, the intern supervisor will also submit a detailed evaluation report to the university’s intern coordinator or the student's faculty advisor.




Past Projects

For a list of available opportunities, please check: Current Internship Projects.

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