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Document Collections

Contain records and papers that illustrate the administrative, fieldwork, and research activities of scholars or organizations for each study program. They consist of correspondence, fieldwork and research notes, drawings, and tracings. They may also contain photographs, negatives, and other types of audiovisual material.

Byzantine Document Collections

DocColl BI DODocColl TaussDocColl SilverDocColl CensusDocColl ResearchArchive

DocColl EarlyArchaeologicalDocColl KitzingerDocColl Belting

DocColl PeirceDocColl MaguirePorecDocColl Harris

DocColl AlexanderBlissLake CollectionDocColl SchefferDocColl NorthAdriaticDocColl UnderwoodDocColl VanNiceDocColl DerNersessian


Pre-Columbian Document Collection

DocColl Knorozov

Additional collections are held in the Pre-Columbian Photographs and Fieldwork Archives, administered by the Dumbarton Oaks Museum.


Garden and Landscape Document Collections

DocColl CoffinDocColl CLDC

CLDC includes materials from the following designers; profiles for selected designers were written by Xin Wu, Assistant Curator for the Contemporary Landscape Design Collection (2003-2009):

Diana Balmori, Ian Hamilton Finlay and The New Arcadians, Richard Haag, Hiroki Hasegawa, Ron Herman, Patricia Johanson, Lorna Jordan, Bernard Lassus, Toru Mitani, Yoshio Nakamura, Athena Tacha, Michael Van Valkenburgh, Kongjian Yu.

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