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When Simon Cutts opened Coracle Press in South London, he built upon the model of Tarasque by adding exhibitions to the small press agenda of publishing, book sales and poetry readings. Over the years Coracle has developed through numerous phases of activity in places as various as London (1975–1987) and subsequently Liverpool, Norfolk, Italy and Ireland. The consistent intention has been to involve artists, editors, poets and writers in the creation of an eclectic synthesis of word, image and print that could flourish in book form through exploration of metaphor, allusion, paradox and irony. The word 'Coracle' was well chosen. It invokes the craft object of the one-man boat (perhaps a metaphor of the book), and it also signifies adaptability. Designed to be carried on the back, a coracle enabled the traveller to walk on land and row across water. Two books within the Select Bibliography (below) are particularly significant because they encapsulate the momentum of Coracle's journey: Certain Trees (2006) offers a retrospective of achievements, networks and alliances; Some Forms of Availability (2007) charts the progress of a pragmatic, creative ideology and thus records the evolution of Coracle in all its manifestations, including workfortheeyetodo (London) and the foundations in The Trent Bookshop and Tarasque. Both publications demonstrate that Coracle's driving force has been Cutt's conviction that the poem's ideal manifestation is the book itself, even to the extent of the book form being the physical metaphor of the poem.

by Patrick Eyres

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