Yoshio Nakamura - Introduction

Portrait of Yoshio Nakamura
Yoshio Nakamura. © 2009

A professional civil engineer, Dr. Yoshio Nakamura wanted to achieve "enlightenment of civil engineers, in terms of better landscape qualities of public works through education, research and design practices." His works set worthy examples for retrieving meaningful vernacular connections with landscape in globalized modern cities worldwide. In 2003, The Park of Koga was awarded the Melina Mercouri International Prize for the Safeguarding and Management of Cultural Landscapes by the UNESCO World Heritage Center. In 2004, the Otagawa River Embankment project was awarded the Design Grand Prix by JSCE (Japan Society of Civil Engineers). In 2006, Japan Society of Civil Engineers awarded Nakamura the "Meritorious Prize" for his contribution to education, research and practice in civil engineering, which affirms that it is possible to incorporate landscape culture and functional infrastructure through innovative engineering.

Materials featured in the collection

Materials are in Japanese and English. Entries to the collection include writings by Yoshio Nakamura, design documents and post-built civil group reports of the following projects:

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