Red Sea Monasteries

The first official project undertaken by the Byzantine Institute and Thomas Whittemore was the examination and documentation of wall paintings in the Red Sea Monasteries in Egypt, which occurred between 1929 and 1932. Filmed in 1930, this film was likely recorded during the First Expedition (1929-1930) to the Red Sea Monasteries. This film constitutes unique documentation of the monks and local men, and the surrounding landscape. 

Film Sequence

  • Film starts with general exterior views of the monastery of Saint Paul According to Michael Jones of the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE), Cairo, the film mainly contains views of the monastery of Saint Paul.
  • Men preparing food and performing day-to-day activities
  • Thomas Whittemore and unidentified individuals on camels
  • General exterior views of the monastery and surrounding landscape
  • Men digging a waterway
  • Film ends with general views of the surrounding landscape

This film is available in full length through Vimeo.

Red Sea Monastery of Saint Anthony: Landscape and Local Villagers

Running time: 8:55 minutes

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