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The Ancient Future: additional images

Gateway of the Sun Gateway of the Sun
Gateway of the Sun. Tiahuanacu, Bolivia. From Richard Inwards, The temple of the Andes, 1884.
Calendar Wheel Calendar Wheel
Calendar wheel from book of Chilan Balam. From Thomas Cyrus, Notes on Certain Maya and Mexican manuscripts, 1884.
three calendar cycles three calendar cycles
The tzolk’in (13 day numbers, within the 20 named days) and a portion of the haab. Evans. Ancient Mexico and Central America: archaeology and culture history, 2004. Courtesy of Thames and Hudson.
Plate II Plate II
Aztec calendar stone. From Antonio de León y Gama, Descripción histórica y cronológica de las dos piedras..., 1832.
Pilko-Kaina Titicaca Pilko-Kaina Titicaca
Leon y Gama Leon y Gama
A detail from an Aztec Calendar Stone
Quadrant One Quadrant One
Quadrant Two Quadrant Two
Detail from the image at left.
Quadrant Three Quadrant Three
Detail from image at left.
Quadrant  Four Quadrant Four

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