Leiden, Rijksuniversiteit Bibliotheek, ms. Voss. 12?

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Additional Information

  • Acquired: unknown
  • Film: 35mm Black-and-white Negative


Original box:

Leyden. Rijksuniversiteit Bibliotheek
Cod. Voss. 12
Fols. 23r-29r, 40v-63r, 78v-85r, 100r.

A dark reproduction of small writing. Much of it is legible, but foliation impossible to make out. In the old, typed D.O. accessions catalogue for 1950-1967 (p. 2), this manuscript is among the “Microfilms of Mss. (Photius) rec’d. Mar. 1950 – Sept. 1951”, under “Portions of Mss. (containing Photius’ Letters and Homilies).” It is listed as “Vossianus 12”, but it is difficult to determine if this is indeed correct. It does not seem to be Voss. gr. F 12, Q 12, or O 12, but may be Voss. misc. 12, for whose contents see Meyier (1955) pp. 247-250 (online resources at Univ. Leiden catalogues, slow downloads) and Pinakes; further information in Senguerdius & alii. The ms. on the film LEID.1.2 does seem to include Basil’s Enarratio in Prophetam Isaiam (TLG 2040.009).


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