Naples, Biblioteca Nazionale, mss. III.AA.6 (Cirillo 209), II.F.9 (Cirillo 165), II.A.12 (Cirillo 12), III.C.3 (Cirillo 261), II.C.35 (Cirillo 94 bis [II.C.36]), III.C.2 (Cirillo 260)

Additional Information

  • Acquired: donated by the estate of Ihor Ševčenko
  • Film: 35mm Black-and-white Negative


Note on box:
42 II.F.9
Fols. 82v-83r
Ms. of Planudes’ Sch. et al.
1. 42 II.F.9, fols. 82v-83r: ms. of Planudes’ school.
2. 42 II.A. 12 (II.AA.12), fols. 102v-110v, 128v-130r, 180v-189r: Chronological computations.
3. 42 III.A.6 (III.AA.6), fols. 108v-110r: Letter of [Nik.] Basilakes and others
4. 42 III.C.3, fols. 101r-105v: Barlaam, Refutations of Bk. 3 of Ptolemaios’ Harmonics
5. 42 II.C.35, fols 62r-64v: Chrysoboullon of Andronicus [II?] to the Metropolitan of Monembasia.
6. 42 III.C.2, fols. 83r, 89v-98v: Barlaam on Ptolemaios’ mathematical computations

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