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Ancient Future

Sacred Rock The islands of Titicaca and Koati
A detailed view of the interesting Ruins of Pisac The sacred valley of the Incas and its archeological monuments
Totora Bridge over the Outlet of Lake Titicaca Peru: incidents of travel and exploration in the land of the Incas
General View of Cuzco, from Iscaypampa Travels in South America: from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean
Vista general del Cuzco El Cuzco y sus ruinas
Palacio del primer Inca en la isla del Sol Guía general ilustrada para la investigacíon de los monumentos prehistóricos de Tihuanacu é islas del sol y la luna (Titicaca y Koaty)
Tuxtla Statuette An introduction to the study of the Maya hieroglyphs
Plate III Descripción histórica y cronológica de las dos piedras...
Days 1-9 Historia de Nueva España
L'anno Messicano & il Mese Messicano Storia antica del Messico
Title Page La conquista de México efectuada por Hernán Cortés, segun el Codice jeroglifico Troano-americano
Title Page The Mexican calendar stone
20 símbolos diurnos Historia antigua y de la conquista de México
Note on the ancient Mexican calendar system
Tiahuanacu, Bolivia.  Inwards 1884. The temple of the Andes
Lunar Calendar of the Muiscas Antiquarian, ethnological, and other researches in New Granada, Equador, Peru and Chili
Galerie centrale, dans la ville ancienne de Pachacamac Pérou et Bolivie
 Petroglyphs.  Rock of Saboya Los chibchas antes de la conquista española
Signes hiératiques des mois Essai sur le déchiffrement de l'écriture hiératique de l'Amérique Centrale
The four cardinal symbols Notes on certain Maya and Mexican manuscripts
The month symbols Mayan calendar systems
Day Signs - Inscriptions The numeration, calendar systems and astronomical knowledge of the Mayas
Shell Bearing Maya Glyphs Day symbols of the Maya year
Stela D (Copan) Biologia Centrali-Americana, or, Contributions to the knowledge of the fauna and flora of Mexico and Central America. Archaeology
Signs of the Months, as given by Bishop Landa The books of Chilan Balam: the prophetic and historic records of the Mayas of Yucatan
Day Characters A study of the manuscript Troano

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