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Renovation Notice

The museum will be closed to the public until spring 2017. The gardens will remain open during public hours and for booked tours. Find out more and plan your visit.

Museum Staff

  • Gudrun Bühl, Curator and Museum Director
  • Renée Alfonso, Museum Exhibitions and Programs Coordinator
  • James N. Carder, Archivist and House Collection Manager
  • John Hanson, Assistant Curator, Byzantine Collection
  • Joni Joseph, Museum Collections Manager and Assistant Registrar
  • Colin Kelly, Museum Exhibits Technician
  • Eric McGeer, Consultant for Byzantine Sigillography
  • Joseph Mills, Photographer
  • Cécile Morrisson, Consultant for Byzantine Numismatics
  • Juan Antonio Murro, Assistant Curator, Pre-Columbian Collection
  • Jonathan Shea, Post-Doctoral Associate in Byzantine Sigillography and Numismatics
  • Patti Sheer, Museum Shop Manager
  • Laura Symcak, Docent Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Williams, Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow in Byzantine Art History

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