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Museum Staff


  • Gudrun Bühl, Curator and Museum Director
  • James N. Carder, Archivist and House Collection Manager
  • John Hanson, Assistant Curator, Byzantine Collection
  • Colin Kelly, Museum Exhibits Technician
  • Eric McGeer, Consultant for Byzantine Sigillography
  • Joseph Mills, Photographer
  • Cécile Morrisson, Consultant for Byzantine Numismatics
  • Juan Antonio Murro, Assistant Curator, Pre-Columbian Collection
  • Jonathan Shea, Post-Doctoral Associate in Byzantine Sigillography and Numismatics
  • Patti Sheer, Museum Shop Manager
  • Elizabeth Williams, Research Assistant, Byzantine Textiles Project
  • Marta Zlotnick, Registrar and Curatorial Assistant, Byzantine Collection

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