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Byzantine Fellows List, 1983/84

Visiting Scholars

  • David Balfour
  • Semavi Eyice

Visiting Fellow

  • Kari Borresen

    Associate Fellow

    • Irfan Shahîd


    • Şerif Bastav, Ankara University, Academic YearA History of Byzantium
    • Robert Benson, University of California, Los Angeles, Fall,Hierarchy and Authority: Structures of Church and Monarchy in Medieval Thought and Action
    • Charalambos Bouras, Technical University of Athens, Spring,Ecclesiastical Architecture of the Twelfth and the First Decades of the Thirteenth Century, in Hellas and the Peloponnesus
    • Evangelos Chrysos, University of Ioannina, Academic Year,Register of Imperial Documents from 476–565
    • Gianfranco Fiaccadori The Greek Life of Gregentius, Bishop of Zafar (Yemen)
    • William Frend, Glasgow University, SpringThe Propaganda War during the Great Perscution, 303–312
    • Elizabeth Jeffreys, Macquarie University, SpringThe Chronicle of John Malalas: The Letters of the Monk Iakovos
    • Gedaliahu Stroumsa, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Academic YearEarly Byzantine Theology and the Manichaean Challenge
    • Vladimir Vavrinek, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, SpringThe Old Slavonic Lives of Constantine and Methodius within the Framework of Byzantine Hagiography
    • John M. Wallace-Hadrill, All Souls College, Oxford, SpringThe Preparation of a Commentary on Bede's Ecclesiastical History
    • James Wiseman, Boston University, Academic YearHistory and Archeology at Stobi, Yugoslavia
    • David H. Wright, University of California, Berkeley, Spring,Western Evidence for Byzantine Art around the Year 800

    Joint Fellow Athenss

    • Mary B. Cunningham, University of Birmingham, Academic Year,The Homilies of Andreas of Crete: Their Place in the Byzantine Homiletic Tradition: Basil of Seleucia's Homily on Lazarus: A Critical Edition and Translation

    Junior Fellows

    • Mark C. Bartusis, Rutgers University, Academic YearThe Late Byzantine Soldier: A Social and Administrative Study
    • Robert Edwards, University of California, Los Angeles, Academic YearThe Fortifications of Eastern Anatolia and Northern Syria
    • Paul Hollingsworth, University of California, Berkeley, Academic YearKinship and Suffering in Kievan Rus': The Cult of Boris and Gleb
    • David Olster, University of Chicago, Academic YearThe Presentation and Function of the Emperor in the Early Seventh Century

    Museum Fellows

    • Laskarina Bouras, Benaki Museum, SpringByzantine Lighting Devices

    Summer Fellows

    • Robert Allison, Bates CollegeThe Scriptorium of Philotheou: Phases in the History of Life and Thought in the Athonite Monastery as Documented in the Products of its Scriptorium
    • Bernard S. Bachrach, University of MinnesotaAnimals and Warfare in the Byzantine Empire, 378–634
    • Leslie Brubaker, Wheaton CollegeMonograph on Paris. Gr. 510; Article, Politics, Patronage and Art in Ninth-Century Byzantium: The Homilies of Gregory of Nazianzus in Paris
    • Kathleen Corrigan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,The Ninth-Century Byzantine Marginal Psalters
    • Gudrun Engberg, University of CopenhagenThe Manuscript Tradition of the Byzantine Old Testament Lectionary (Prophetologion)
    • Genevra Kornbluth, University of North CarolinaCarolingian Engraved Crystals and related Gems
    • Clayton Miles Lehmann, American School of Classical StudiesThe Greek and Latin Inscriptions of Caesarea Maritima
    • Leslie S.B. MacCoull, Society for Coptic ArchaeologyDioscorus of Aphrodito: His Work and His World
    • Robert Ousterhout, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,The Architecture of Kariye Camii in Istanbul
    • Helen Saradi-Mendelovici, University of MontrealThe Byzantine Notarial System, Especially from the Ninth to the Fifteenth Century
    • Werner Seibt, University of ViennaByzantine Sigillography; The Byzantine Empire and the Sasanians during the reigns of Phocas and Heraclius (External Evolution and Internal Consequences)
    • Anne B. Terry, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignThe Architecture and Aspects of the Decorative Program at the Cathedral in Poreč: The Artistic Patronage of Bishop Eufrasius

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