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Byzantine Fellows List, 1985/86

Bulgarian Exchange Fellows

  • Iliya Illiev, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, FallThe Penetration of Christianity into Ninth- and Tenth-Century Bulgaria


  • Xavier Barral i Altet, Université de Haute Bretagne, Rennes Ⅱ, Fall,Les Pavements en mosaique du Moyen Age Byzantin
  • Robert Browning, Birkbeck College, University of London, SpringA Revised Edition of Justinian and Theodora (London-NewYork 1971)
  • Robert Gregg, Duke University, SpringCommunicating the Sacred in Word and Image: Continuities from the Third through Fifth Centuries; Greek Inscriptions from Roman Gaulanitis
  • Apostolos Karpozilos, University of Ioannina, Academic YearThe Correspondence of Theodoros Hyrtakenos: An Edition, Translation, and Commentary
  • Andrzej Poppe, Institute of History, University of Warsaw, Academic YearThe Ecclesiastical Geography of Eastern Slavs, 1201–1458
  • R. Denys Pringle, Keble College, University of Oxford, Academic YearChurches and Other Buildings of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1099–1291
  • Silvia Ronchey, Rome, Italy, SpringEustathius' Exegesis in canonem iambicum de Pentecoste, critical edition (prooemium-odae 1/3)
  • Kalliope Theocharidou, Department of Byzantine Antiquities of Thessalonika, Academic YearThe Architecture of the Acheiropoietos Basilica, Thessalonika: Form, Phases, and Chronology
  • John Wilkinson, Ecumenical Institute, Jerusalem, Academic Year,The Meaning of Early Christian Capitals, 450–560
  • Mirjana Živojinović, Institute for Byzantine Studies, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Academic YearThe Monastic Trade in the Byzantine Empire and Medieval Serbia

Junior Fellows

  • Susanna Elm, St. Hilda's College, University of Oxford, Academic YearThe Organization and Institutions of Female Asceticism in Fourth-Century Egypt and Cappadocia
  • Peter John Heather, New College, University of Oxford, Academic YearThe Goths and the Balkans A.D. 350–500
  • Alexander Jones, Brown University, Academic YearExact Sciences in Byzantium, Fourth to Twelfth Centuries
  • Suzanne MacAlister, University of Sydney, SpringAn Examination of the Dream Motif in Greek Romance of Antiquity and its Revival in Twelfth-Century Byzantium

Summer Fellows

  • Thomas S. Brown, University of EdinburghA Social and Cultural Study of Ninth-Century Ravenna together with a Translation of the Liber Pontificalis Ecclesiae Ravennatis of Andreas Agnellus
  • Carolyn Connor, Institute of Fine Arts, New York UniversityThe Crypt at Hosios Loukas and its Frescos
  • David Frendo, University College, CorkA Historical Commentary on the Histories of Theophylact Simocatta
  • Cynthia Hahn, Florida State UniversityThe Earliest Illustrated Narrative Lives of the Saints
  • John MacIsaac, Johns Hopkins UniversityProvincial Mints in Greece under Manuel Comnenus: Some Evidence from Corinth and Athens
  • Christine Smith, Georgetown UniversityArchitectural Description of Byzantium and the West, 500–1453
  • Mehmet I. Tunay, Istanbul UniversitesiWall Techniques of Byzantine Architecture

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