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Byzantine Fellows List, 1986/87

Bulgarian Exchange Fellows

  • Anka Danceva-Vasileva, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Fall,Plovdiv (Philippopolis) during the Middle Ages


  • Michael Angold, University of Edinburgh, Academic YearChurch and Society in Byzantium, 1081–1204
  • Robert Browning, Birkbeck College, University of London, Academic YearContributions to the Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium
  • Kathleen Corrigan, Dartmouth College, Academic YearThe Ninth-Century Byzantine Psalters
  • Bert De Vries, Calvin College, FallThe Publication of the Fieldwork at Umm el-Jamal and El-Lejjun
  • Erica Dodd, American University of Beirut, Academic Year,Medieval Frescos in Lebanon
  • Jean-Claude Garcin, Université de Provence, Academic YearA Comparative Study of Muslim and Byzantine Material Civilization
  • Prudence Harper, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Fall,Silver Vessels of the Sasanian Period
  • Robert Hohlfelder Aspects of the History and Archaeology of the Harbors of Byzantine Caesarea Maritima
  • Chryssa Maltezou, University of Crete, SpringLatin Domination in Greek Lands, 1204–1797
  • Lennart W. Ryden, University of Uppsala, SpringThe History of Byzantine Hagiography in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries

Junior Fellows

  • Michèle Mertens, Université de Liège, Academic YearEgyptian Alchemy in the Byzantine Context
  • Nevra Necipoğlu, Harvard University, Academic YearByzantium between the Turks and the Latins: A Study of Political Attitudes in the Late Palaeologan Period (1380–1453)
  • Robert Schick, University of Chicago, Academic YearThe Fate of Christians in Palestine during the Byzantine-Umayyad Transition, A.D. 600–750

Summer Fellows

  • Joseph Alchermes, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University,Commemoration of Martyrs in Rome and Latium
  • Maria Cesa, University of UrbinoA Translation, with Introduction and Historical Commentary, of the Vita Epiphanii of Ennodius
  • Muriel Heppel, University of LondonAnnotated English Translation, with Introduction and Commentary, of the Kievo-Pečerskij Paterik
  • Phaedon Malingoudis, University of ThessalonikiThe Prosopography of Slavonic Name-bearers in Byzantine Sources
  • Michael McGann, Queen's University of BelfastThe Poetry of Michael Tarchaniotes Marullus; the Constantinopolis of Ubertino Pusculo
  • Margaret E. Mullett, Queen's University of BelfastThe Letters of Theophylact of Ochrid
  • Emilian Popescu, Theologischen Institut, BucharestSecond Revised Edition of Greek and Latin Inscriptions from the Fourth to Thirteenth Centuries Discovered in Romania
  • Shigebumi Tsuji, Osaka UniversityThe Gospels Scenes on the Attic of the Hypogeum of Clodius Hermes; Origin and Development of Narrative Landscape
  • Nina Ulff-Møller, University of CopenhagenByzantine Menaia Manuscripts for the Month of April

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