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Byzantine Fellows List, 1987/88

Visiting Fellows

  • Helen H. Metreveli

Bulgarian Exchange Fellows

  • Hristo Louka Matanov, Institute for Balkam Studies, FallThe Principality of the Dragas Clan: A Contribution to the History of Late Fourteenth Century Macedonia; The Ottoman Invasion of Bulgaria


  • Charles Brand, Bryn Mawr College, SpringRevolts and Popular Outbursts in Byzantine Cities, Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries
  • Bernard Coulie, University of Louvain, Academic YearThe Armenian Versian of the Works of Gregory of Nazianzus
  • Melek Delilbaşi, University of Ankara, Academic YearEpirus from the Byzantine to the Ottoman Period
  • Sarah Guberti Bassett (Clucas) , Swarthmore College, Academic YearThe Re-use of Antiquities in the Urban Decoration of Constantinople, 4th–6th Centuries
  • Susan Harvey, University of Rochester, Academic YearSpirituality and Symbolic Behavior in Early Syriac Asceticism
  • Jean-Claude Schmitt, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Academic YearThe History of Images in the Western Middle Ages

Junior Fellows

  • Zvi Ma'oz, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Academic YearThe Art and Architecture of Byzantine Synagogues in the Golan in their Wider Cultural Context
  • Eric McGeer, University of Montreal, Academic YearIntroductions, Editions, Translations, and Commentaries for the Praecepta militaria and Chapters 56–62 of the Tactica of Nikephoros Ouranos
  • Svetlana Mojsilović-Popović, University of Belgrade, Academic Year,The Architecture of Medieval Serbian Monasteries
  • Linda Safran, Yale University, FallS. Pietro at Otranto and its Place in Byzantine Art
  • Rosemary Thoonen Dubowchik, Princeton University, Academic YearA Chant for Feasts of the Holy Cross in the Latin, Byzantine, and Eastern Rites

Summer Fellows

  • Paul Denis, Royal Ontario MuseumA Catalogue of the Byzantine Collection in the Royal Ontario Museum
  • Susan Madigan, University of Notre DameByzantine Palaeography and Illumination in Manuscripts of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan, Vol. 1: A.D. 500–1200
  • Marlia Mango, Bucks, EnglandDomestic Silver Plate, A.D. 300–700
  • Gregory A. Myers, North Burnaby, CanadaThe Medieval Russian Kondakar and the Transcription of Russian Kondakarian Musical Notation
  • Frederick Norris, Emmanuel School of ReligionA Critical Text and English Translation of Elias of Crete's Comments on Gregory Nazianzen's Theological Orations
  • Helen Saradi-Mendelovici, Trent UniversityLe notariat byzantin du IXe au XVe s.

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