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Byzantine Fellows List, 1988/89

Bulgarian Exchange Fellows

  • Bistra Nikolova
  • George Stričević


  • Smiljka Gabelić, University of Belgrade, Academic YearCycles of the Archangels in Byzantine Art
  • Fairy von Lilienfeld, Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, SpringThe Conversion of Kartli
  • Ofer Livne, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Academic Year,Muslim Ascetics and Monks
  • George Majeska, University of Maryland, Academic YearCritical Edition, English Translation, and Commentary for the Pilgrim Book of Anthony of Novgorod
  • Phaedon Malingoudis, University of Thessaloniki, SpringThe Prosopography of Slavic Name-Bearers in Byzantium, Sixth-Tenth Centuries
  • Lucas Siorvanes, St. Alban's, England, Academic YearGod and Power: Theories of Dynamics in Late Neo-Platonism

Junior Fellows

  • Berenice Cavarra, University of Bologna, Academic Year,Philosopher-Ruler and Basileus theophiles
  • Thomas Dale, John Hopkins University, Academic YearThe Crypt of Basilica Patriarcale at Aquileia
  • Jacqueline Long, Columbia University, Academic YearClaudian's In Eutropium: Artistry and Practicality in Slandering a Eunuch
  • Alessandra Ricci, University of Rome, Academic YearThe Theodosian Land Walls of Constantinople: Chronology and Characteristic Features Compared with Other Fortifications

Summer Fellows

  • Hachem Aljassem, Ontario, CanadaA Comparative Study of the Organization of the Byzantine Themes and Arab Military Districts, A.D. 638–754
  • Beaudoin Caron, Laval UniversityCatalogue of Figure-engraved Roman Glassware from the First to the Sixth Century
  • Costas N. Constantinides, University of IoanninaDated Greek Manuscripts from Cyprus to the Year 1570
  • Melek Delilbaşi, University of AnkaraEpirus from the Byzantine to the Ottoman Period
  • Alexander Grishin, Australian National UniversityThe Travel Journal of Vasy'l Hryhorovyč-Bars'kyj: An Edition, Translation and Commentary
  • Debra Pincus, University of British ColumbiaByzantine Elements in the Venetian Ducal Tomb, 1249–1413
  • Robert F. Taft, Pontificio Istituto Orientale, RomeThe Byzantine Anaphora of St. John Chrysostom: History and Text
  • Ronald Weber, University of Texas at El PasoPrefects, Priests, and Patrons of the Calionii: A Study in the Transformation of the Roman Aristocracy

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