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Byzantine Fellows List, 1989/90

Visiting Fellows

  • Robert Browning
  • Gennadii G. Litavrin
  • Jakov Nikolaevič Ljubarskij

Bulgarian Exchange Fellows

  • Ivan Jordanov
  • Neil Moran


  • S. Peter Cowe, Columbia University, Academic YearArmeno-Byzantine Christological Dialogue with Special Reference to the Period 550–750
  • Anthony Cutler, Pennsylvania State University, SpringIvory Carving in Byzantium
  • Maria Dzielska, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Academic Year,Synesius and his Political Philosophy
  • Jeffrey Featherstone, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Academic Year,Edition of the Refutation of the Iconoclastic Council of 815 by the Patriarch Nicephorus
  • Stephen Gero, University of Tübingen, Academic YearThe Byzantine Iconoclastic Movement in the Ninth Century
  • Stephen Reinert, Rutgers University, Academic YearThe Emperor and the Sultan: Manuel Ⅱ Palaiologos' Encounter with Bayezid I and the Ottoman World
  • Daniel Sheerin, University of Notre Dame, SpringA Study of the kontakion 'Hos tou ano stereomatos'

Junior Fellows

  • Boris Gudziak, Harvard University, Academic YearCrisis and Reform: The Ruthenian Church between the Union of Lublin (1569) and the Union of Brest (1596)
  • Peter Hatlie, Fordham University, Academic YearAbbot Theodore and the Studites: A Case Study in Monastic Social Groupings and Political Conflict in Constantinople (787–826)
  • Jasmin Moysidou, University of Ioannina, Academic Year,Byzantium and its Neighbors in the Tenth Century

Summer Fellows

  • Dimitris Apostolopoulos, The National Hellenic Research FoundationActa Patriarchatus Constantinopolitani: 1454–1502
  • Leonidas Bargeliotes, University of AthensScepticism and Dogmatism in Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Period
  • Mark C. Bartusis, Northern State CollegePronoia
  • David Buckton, The British MuseumThe Backgrounds of Byzantine Enamel
  • Danuta Gorecki, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignThe Monasticism and the Rural Community of the Byzantine Middle Ages: A Socio-Economic Analysis
  • Dionisios Kalamakis, Piraeus, GreeceByzantine Translations of St. Augustine's Works
  • Sotirios Kissas, Ninth Ephoreia of Byzantine Antiquities, ThessalonikiRecent Excavations in Hagia Sophia of Thessaloniki
  • Fairy von Lilienfeld, Friedrich-Alexander University, ErlangenThe Conversion of Kartli and Other Sources for the Life of St. Nino
  • Eric McGeer, University of MontrealThe Byzantine Army in the Tenth Century
  • Theodore Natsoulas, University of Toledo, OhioA Study of Ethiopian-Byzantine Relations
  • Jacques Schamp, Ecole Normale, LiègeDamascius' Vita Isidori
  • Plutarchos Theocharidis, Tenth Ephoria of Byzantine Antiquities,The Towers of Mount Athos: A Catalogue
  • Maria Vassilaki, University of CreteCretan Painting in the Fifteenth Century: Maniera bizantina or lingua italiana?
  • Elizabeth Zachariadou, University of CreteLesser Byzantine Sources Concerning the Ottomans

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