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Byzantine Fellows List, 1990/91

Visiting Fellows

  • Robert Browning

Bulgarian Exchange Fellows

  • Elna Toncheva


  • Catherine Asdracha, Collège de France – C.N.R.S., Spring,Inventory of the Byzantine Inscriptions of Eastern Thrace from the 4th to the 15th Century. Historical Commentary and Prosopography
  • Annemarie Weyl Carr, Southern Methodist University, FallAn Icon in Context: The Virgin of Kykko
  • George T. Dennis, The Catholic University of America, Academic YearAn Edition of the Panegyric and Forensic Orations of Michael Psellos
  • Elizabeth A. Fisher, The George Washington University, Academic YearThe Hagiographic Orations of Michael Psellos: A Critical Edition
  • Jakov Nikolaevič Ljubarskij, Leningrad University, Academic Year,The History of Byzantine Historiography (6th–11th Centuries)
  • Leslie S.B. MacCoull, Society for Coptic Archaeology (North America), Academic YearSixth-Century Papyri from Aphrodito and Hermopolis
  • Gelian Prokhorov, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Academic YearByzantine Philosophical Literature in Slavonic Translations
  • John Philip Thomas, San Francisco, California, Academic Year,Byzantine Monastic Foundation Documents: Edition, Annotation, and Commentary
  • S. Yıldız Ötüken, Hacettepe Universitesi, Academic YearStudies on Byzantine Architecture in Cappadocia and Church of St. Nicholas at Myra

Junior Fellows

  • John A. Cotsonis, The Pennsylvania State University, Academic YearIconography of Byzantine Lead Seals: A Society and its Images
  • Derek Krueger, Princeton University, Academic YearThe Life of Symeon the Fool and its Late Antique Context
  • Charles E. Nicklies, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Academic YearThe Architecture of the Church of SS. Pietro e Paolo d'Agro
  • Eric Perl, Yale University, Academic YearMethexis: Creation, Incarnation, Deification in St. Maximus Confessor

Summer Fellows

  • Lyudmila Avilushkina, Leningrad State UniversityMichael Glykas' 'Chronicle': Its Role in the History of Byzantine Culture and Its Fate in the Post-Byzantine Period
  • Vassa Contoumas-Conticello, Université de Paris-SorbonneThe Survival of Chalcedonian Orthodoxy in the Territories Lost by Byzantium in the First Centuries of the Muslim Conquest: Ioannes Damascenus (8th c.) and Theodorus Abu Qurra (9thc.)
  • Kate Cooper, Princeton UniversityThe Uses of Chrysostom's Authority in the Fifth-Century Latin West
  • Susanna Elm, University of California, BerkeleyVirgins of God: The Development of Female Asceticism in Fourth-Century Asia Minor and Egypt
  • George Kakavas, University of AthensDionysios of Fourna: His Life and Works
  • Charles Conrad Leyser, Merton CollegeA Comparison of Gregory the Great and St. Basil as Monastic Writers
  • George Makris, Aschaffenburg, GermanyReedition of the Vita of St. Gregory the Decapolite
  • Liliana Mavrodinova, Ivan Dujčev Center for Slavo-Byzantine StudiesCharacteristics and Development of the Iconography of the Gospel Cycle in Bulgarian Wall Painting, 10th to the End of the 14th Centuries
  • Angeliki Mitsani, Byzantine Museum of AthensCenters of Production of Illustrated Manuscripts in Constantinople during the Second Half of the 11th Century
  • Daphne Papadatou, University of ThessalonikiInstitutions of Distributive Justice in the Paleologan Period
  • Anastassia Papadia-Lala, University of AthensSocial Policy and Charity in Venetian Crete (1204–1669)
  • Dora Piguet-Panayotova, Paris, FranceThe Temple of Iskhan: Cultural Patrimony and Architectural Creation
  • Chryssoula Ranoutsaki, Iraklion, CreteA Contribution to the Study of the Melismos: Its Symbolism, Function, and Relation to Other Liturgical Themes
  • Robert Schick, American Center of Oriental Research, Jordan,Christianity in Southern Jordan During the Byzantine and Early Islamic Periods
  • Tatiana Vladyshevskaja, Moscow ConservatoryRussian Musical Semiography and its Byzantine Sources

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