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Byzantine Fellows List, 1991/92

Visiting Scholar

  • Dieter Simon

Visiting Fellows

  • Hélène Ahrweiler
  • Robert Browning


    • Zaza Alexidze, K. Kekelidze Institute of Manuscripts, Academy of Sciences, Georgian SSR, FallThe Making of National Churches in the Transcaucasus
    • Marie-France Auzépy, C.N.R.S., Paris, SpringHagiography and History: The Example of the Vita Stephani Iunioris and the So-called Iconoclasm
    • Vera Hrochová, Prague University, FallThe Economic Role of Byzantine Cities in the Thirteenth-Fifteenth Centuries
    • Benjamin H. Isaac, Tel Aviv University, SpringPalestine from Bar Kokhba to the Moslem Conquest and The Roman and Byzantine Road System in Israel
    • Anna Kartsonis, University of Washington, Academic YearThe Word of the Image in Byzantium: Image Theory and Practice Before and After Iconoclasm
    • George L. Kurbatov, Leningrad University, Academic YearThe Byzantine City
    • Cherie J. Lenzen, Washington Grove, Maryland, Academic YearA Tale of Two Cities in Late Antiquity: Caesarea Maritima/Qasariyah and Capitolias/Beit Ras
    • Ann Moffatt, Australian National University, FallConstantine Porphyrogennetos' De ceremoniis, Vol. 2: Commentary
    • Joseph Patrich, University of Haifa, Academic YearSabas--Leader of Palestinian Monasticism
    • Denis F. Sullivan, University of Maryland, Academic YearA Critical Edition, Translation, and Philological-Historical Commentary on Works of Hero of Byzantium'
    • Franz Tinnefeld, Universität München, SpringSpiritual Life and Currents in Late Byzantine Society (1260–1460)

    Junior Fellows

    • Maria Georgopoulou, University of California, Los Angeles, Academic YearArchitecture of Domination: The Case of Venetian Crete
    • Bratislav Pantelić, University of Pennsylvania, Academic YearThe Architecture of the Katholikon of Dečani Monastery
    • Daniel H. Weiss, The Johns Hopkins University, Academic Year,The Language of Images in Crusader Painting: The 'Arsenal Old Testament'

    Summer Fellows

    • Alexander Alexakis, Exeter College, Oxford UniversityCodex Parisinus Graecus 1115 and its Iconophile Florilegium
    • Ioanna Bitha, Academy of AthensStylistic Trends and Patronage of a Group of Byzantine Paintings from the End of the Thirteenth Century in Kythera, Greece
    • Stephanos Efthymiadis, St. John's College, Oxford University,Literacy and the Literary Audience in Early Ninth-Century Byzantium
    • Charalambos Gasparis, National Hellenic Research Foundation, AthensCountryside in Medieval Crete (Thirteenth-Fifteenth Centuries): Landscape Settlement and Reclamation
    • Alexander Golitzin, Marquette UniversityMystagogy: Dionysius Areopagita and his Christian Predecessors
    • Caterina Kyriakou, State General Archives, AthensLate and Post-Byzantine Illustrated Manuscripts: The Oracular and Eschatological Tradition of Byzantium in East and West Europe
    • Clayton Miles Lehmann, University of South DakotaGreek and Latin Inscriptions from Caesarea in Israel
    • Christine Smith, Syracuse University Program in Florence,Architectural Descriptions in Western Europe and Byzantium from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance
    • Ole L. Smith, University of CopenhagenMedieval Greek Romances
    • Barbara Zeitler, Courtauld Institute of ArtReception of Orthodox Art by Westerners during the Time of the Crusades

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