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Byzantine Fellows List, 1992/93

Visiting Fellows

  • Robert Browning

Venetian Exchange Fellow

  • John Osborne


    • Dmitry E. Afinogenov, USSR Academy of Sciences' Institute of World History, Academic YearSocial and Ideological Backgrounds of the Party Struggle Inside the Iconophile Church of Byzantium in the 9th Century and its Impact on Byzantine Literature
    • Thomas S. Brown, University of Edinburgh, SpringThe Byzantine Contribution to the Political, Economic, and Cultural History of Italy, 500–1200 A.D.
    • Noël Duval, Université de Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV), Spring,Definitive Version of the Manual of North African Christian Archaeology: The Royalty and Imperial Palace of Late Antiquity
    • David Frendo, University College, Cork, FallLiterary Tradition and Historical Reality: A Study of Early Byzantine Poetry from Nonnos of Panopolis to George of Pisidia
    • David Frank Graf, University of Miami, SpringArabia Petraea during the Byzantine Era
    • Michael John Jeffreys, University of Sydney, FallThe Historical Poems of Manganeios Prodromos
    • Haris A. Kalligas, Kifissia, Greece, FallByzantine Monemvasia
    • Klaus-Peter Matschke, Universität Leipzig, Spring,Sozialgeschichte der Spätbyzantinischen Familie Notaras
    • Susan T. Stevens, Randolph Macon Woman's College, Academic YearImages of a Christian City: Carthage in the 5th through 7th Centuries

    Junior Fellows

    • Nicholas Constas, Catholic University of America, Academic Year,Four Christological Homilies of Proclus of Constantinople
    • Nicholas Constas
    • Sharon E. J. Gerstel, New York University, SpringThe Development of Eucharistic Iconography in Byzantine Monumental Painting: The Case of the Sanctuary in Macedonian Churches
    • Dušan Korać, University of Beograd, Yugoslavia, Academic Year,Byzantium under the Amorians (820–867)
    • Dirk Krausmüller, University of Munich, Academic YearMonastic Ways of Life and Concepts of Salvation in 9th to 12th Century Byzantium
    • Olenka Z. Pevny, New York University, Academic YearThe Middle Byzantine Frescoes of the Church of St. Cyril in Kiev: A Study of Byzantine Style and Iconography in Kievan Rus

    Summer Fellows

    • Jutta-Annette Bruhn, Brown UniversityCoin Settings in Roman Imperial Jewelry
    • Alexandra A. Chekalova, USSR Academy of SciencesSenatorial Aristocracy in Early Byzantium
    • Archibald Warren Dunn, The University of BirminghamAn Historical and Archaeological Framework for the Survey of Boeotia: The Middle Byzantine Period
    • Richard Lim, Smith CollegePublic Disputation, Power, and Social Order in Late Antiquity
    • Alexander L. Lingas, The University of British ColumbiaSunday Matins in Late Byzantine Thessalonica: Music and Liturgy
    • Jacqueline Long, University of Texas, AustinThe Literary and Political Worlds of Claudian's In Eutropium
    • John Osborne, University of VictoriaDrawings of Early Christian and Byzantine Antiquities in the Museo Cartaceo of Cassiano dal Pozzo
    • Helen Saradi-Mendelovici, University of GuelphThe Greek City in the 6th Century A.D.
    • Elena Vladymirovna Stepanova, St. Petersburg State University,Lead Seals of Early Medieval Italy
    • Mehmet I. Tunay, Istanbul UniversitesiThe Frescoes of St. Sophia in Enez (Ainos)

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