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Byzantine Fellows List, 1994/95


  • Melek Delilbaşi, University of Ankara, Academic YearTurhan Bey: Byzantium and Sphrantzes
  • Mary-Lyon Dolezal, University of Oregon, Academic YearThe Middle Byzantine Lectionary: Representations of Liturgical Ritual through Text and Image
  • Peter John Heather, University College London, Academic Year,Byzantium and the West, c. 475–600
  • Sergej P. Karpov, The Moscow Lomonosov State University, Academic YearPontic Hellenism between Latins and Tartars: The Case Study of Tana in the Fourteenth-Fifteenth Centuries
  • Gennadii G. Litavrin, Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Spring,Village and Power in Byzantium

Junior Fellows

  • Amy L. Cassens Papalexandrou, Princeton University, Academic YearThe Church of the Dormition of the Virgin of Skripou
  • Lynn Jones, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Academic YearThe Church of the Holy Cross at Aghtamar and the Iconography of Kingship
  • Demetrius Kyritses, Harvard University, Academic YearA History of the Byzantine Aristocracy in the Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries
  • Maria Mavroudi, Harvard University, Academic YearThe Oneirocriticon of Achmet: A Byzantine Book of Dream Interpretation and its Arabic Sources
  • Nicolette S. Trahoulia, Harvard University, Academic YearThe Venice Alexander Romance, Hellenic Institute Cod. Gr. 5: A Study of Alexander the Great in Byzantine Art
  • Stephan Westphalen, University of Freiburg, FallThe Odalar Camii in Istanbul: Architecture and Wall Paintings of a Middle Byzantine Church

Summer Fellows

  • Margaret B. Alexiou, Harvard UniversityByzantine Twelfth-Century Beggar Poetry
  • Francesco D'Aiuto, University of RomeThe Imperial Menologium of Michael IV the Paphlagonian: Publication of Unedited Texts and Global Study of the Collection
  • Christine Kondoleon, Harvard UniversityMosaics of the Dermech Sector of Carthage
  • Ayyüz Toydemir, Istanbul Technical UniversityCeramic Findings of Kalenderhane Mosque at Vezneciler

Summer Seminars

  • Ioanna Koltsida-Makri
  • Valentina Shandrovskaya
  • Claudia Sode

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