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Byzantine Fellows List, 1997/98

Visiting Scholar

  • Michael McCormick


  • Srdjan V. Djurić, University of Toronto, Academic YearIcons of Chilandar from the Twelfth to the Seventeenth Century
  • Lynda Garland, University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales, Academic YearByzantine Humour and its Social Context AD 527–1453
  • Kenneth G. Holum, University of Maryland, Academic Year,Caesarea's Fortune: The Transformation of a Classical City in Late Antiquity
  • Corinne Jouanno, Université de Caen, FallAlexander the Great at Byzantium
  • Jodi Magness, Tufts University, Academic YearThe Archaeology of the Early Islamic Settlement in Palestine
  • Radivoj Radić, Serbian Academy of Sciences, Belgrade, Academic YearFear in Late Byzantium

Junior Fellows

  • Todd M. Hickey, University of Chicago, Academic YearThe Private Economies of the Egyptian oikoi of the Flavii Apiones
  • Veronica G. Kalas, New York University, Institute of Fine Arts, Academic YearThe Rock-Cut Architecture of the Peristrema Valley, Western Cappadocia, in the Context of the Byzantine Revival of Asia Minor, Ninth to Eleventh Centuries
  • Leonora Neville, Princeton University, Academic YearThe Formation and Potential Influence of Local Provincial Elites in Pre-Komnenian Hellas and Peloponnese
  • Carl Pearson, Harvard University, Academic YearNatural Philosophy and Christianity in John Philoponus' De opifico mundi

Special Museum Fellow

  • Sena Mutlu, The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara, Fall

Summer Fellows

  • Melek Delilbaşi, University of AnkaraTurhan Bey: Byzantium and Sphrantzes
  • Kirsten Krumeich, Bonn, GermanySpätantiker Baudekor aus Oxyrhynchos: Untersuchungen zur lokalen Skulpturproduktion einer mittelägyptischen Polis
  • Andreas Nicolaides, Université de ProvenceChurch of the Panagia Phorviotissa of Asinou, Nikitari, Cyprus and its Wallpaintings
  • Oğuz Tekin, Istanbul UniversityCatalogue of the Byzantine Coins in the Yapi Kredi Museum (Istanbul)
  • Christine Vogt, Paris, FrancePublication of the Byzantine Glazed Ware from the Musée du Louvre and the Musée de Sèvres
  • Hayri Fehmi Yılmaz, Istanbul UniversityArchaeological Study of the Mangana Palace and Surrounding Area, Byzantine Period

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