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Byzantine Fellows List, 1999/00

Visiting Scholar

  • Paul Speck

Associate Fellow

  • Irfan Shahîd


  • Clive Foss, University of Massachusetts, Boston, Academic Year,Justinian's Ruling Class/ Syria in Transition 550–750 AD
  • Eurydice S. Georgantelis, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, FallCoin Finds from Philippi
  • Kiril Pavlikianov, University of Sofia, Academic YearThe Byzantine, Iberian, Serbian and Bulgarian Aristocracy in the Athonite Monasteries (950–1460)
  • Alain Touwaide, Madrid, Spain, Academic YearMedicine and Society in Byzantium (1261–1453)
  • Witold Witakowski, Uppsala University, Academic YearSyriac Short Chronicles
  • Slobodan Ćurčić, Princeton Univrsity, SpringArchitecture in the Balkans from Diocletian to Süleyman the Magnificent

Junior Fellows

  • Dimiter G. Angelov, Harvard University, Academic YearImperial Ideology and Power in the Late Byzantine Empire, 1204-ca.1328
  • Anastasios George Papademetriou, Princeton University, Academic YearGreek Elites as Christians and Converts in the Ottoman Society: 1453–1600
  • Efstratios Papaioannou, Institut für Byzantinistik und Neogräzistik der Universität Wien, Academic YearMichael Psellos' Personality in the Light of his Correspondence and a Critical Edition of his Letters
  • Konstantinos Smyrlis, University of Paris I (Sorbonne), Academic YearThe Role of the Great Monasteries in the Byzantine Economy, from the 10th to the Middle of the 14th Century

Summer Fellows

  • Sümer Atasoy, University of IstanbulBronze Lamps in the Istanbul Archeological Museum: A Catalogue
  • Sarah Guberti Bassett, Wayne State UniversityThe Reuse of Antiquities in the Urban Decoration of Constantinople, 4th–6thCenturies
  • Salvatore Cosentino, Università di CagliariNaumachica. A Byzantine Literature
  • Miodrag Marković, University of BelgradeThe Monastery of St. Nikita near Skoplje: History, Architecture and Wall Paintings
  • Ufuk Serin, Pontificio Istituto di Archeologia Cristiana (Rome)The Religious Architecture in Iasos (of Caria) in the Early-Christian and Proto-Byzantine Ages in Relation to the Urban Development of the Site in the Same Period
  • Tatiana Tsarevskaia, Novgorod State MuseumThe Frescoes of the Church of St. Theodore Stratilates in Novgorod and the 'Expressive' Trend of the Byzantine Painting in the Second Half of the 14th Century

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