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Byzantine Fellows List, 2000/01

Visiting Scholar

  • Johannes Koder, University of Vienna, Spring

Associate Fellow

  • Irfan Shahîd


  • Gunnar Brands, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Spring,Late Antique Cities of Northeastern Syria and their Architecture
  • Leslie Brubaker, The University of Birmingham, Spring,Iconoclasm
  • Sophia Kalopissi-Verti, University of Athens, FallThe Mural Paintings in the Narthex of the Church of the Virgin Phorbiotissa at Asinou, Cyprus (1332–1333)
  • Hassan S. Khalilieh, University of Haifa, Academic YearMaritime Law in the Mediterranean during the 8th–11th Centuries: Islamic vis à vis Byzantine Laws – a Comparative Study
  • Maria Mavroudi, Stuttgart, Germany, Academic YearThree Catalogues on Graeco-Arabica, 7th–16th Century: A List of Bilingual Individuals; A List of Bilingual Manuscripts; A List of Translations from Arabic into Greek
  • Franz Tinnefeld, Universität München, FallA Historical Commentary to the Last 110 Letters (1387–1396) of the Byzantine Statesman, Demetrios Kydones

Junior Fellows

  • Karin Krause, Universität München, FallThe Illustration of the Homilies of John Chrysostom in the 11th and 12th Centuries
  • Caroline Macé, Université Catholique de Louvain, Academic Year,The Construction of a Cultural Identity in Byzantium: The Case of Gregory Nazianzen
  • Bissera V. Pentcheva, Harvard University, Academic YearImages of the Virgin and their Public in Middle Byzantine Constantinople
  • Alexander Rentel, Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome, Academic YearA Critical Edition of the 14th Century Patriarchal Liturgical Diataxis of Dimitrios Gemistos
  • Pablo Ubierna, University of Paris (Panthéon-Sorbonne), Academic YearThe Byzantine Apocalypses from 7th to 12th Centuries

Summer Fellows

  • Massimo Bernabò, Università di FirenzeThe Illustrations in the Manuscripts of Job Vat. Gr. 749 and Marc. 538
  • Smiljka Gabelić, University of BelgradeThe Monastery at Konce
  • Ferhan Kırlıdökme, Ankara UniversityLaonikos Chalkokondyles: Relations between Byzantium and the Ottoman State (1421–1463), Translation and Commentary of the Demonstrations of Histories, Books Ⅴ–Ⅹ
  • Richard Layton, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,Redefining Virtue: Didymus the Blind and Ascetic Scholasticism in Late Antique Alexandria
  • Angel Nicolaou-Konnari, University of CyprusThe Chronicle of Leontios Makhairas: A Study of its Sources and Nature with Relation to Byzantine and Western Historiography
  • Maria Panayotidi-Kesisoglou, University of AthensArt in the Villages and the Problem of Local Workshops
  • Werner Seibt, Universität WienByzantine Sigillography

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