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Byzantine Fellows List, 2001/02

Visiting Scholar

  • Elka Bakalova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Spring

Associate Fellow

  • Irfan Shahîd


  • Nicholas Constas, Harvard University, FallProclus of Constantinople and the Cult of the Virgin in the Fifth Century
  • Sharon E. J. Gerstel, University of Maryland, SpringPainting the Sacred House: An Examination of Village Churches and Lay Piety in Late Byzantium
  • Dorotei N. Getov, Ivan Dujcev Centre for Slavo-Byzantine Studies, Sofia, Academic YearStudy of Related Literature for a Comprehensive Catalogue of the 150 Greek Liturgical Manuscripts in the Library of the Ivan Dujcev Centre
  • Maria G. Parani, Nicosia, Cyprus, Academic YearRealia in Byzantine Legal Documents, 11th–15th Centuries
  • Aleksei Pentkovsky, Moscow Theological Academy, Academic Year,Byzantine Monastic Liturgical Typika (Ⅸ–ⅩⅣ c.)
  • Ioanna Rapti, Paris, France, SpringArmenian Liturgical Illumination: King Hethum's Lectionary (Matenadaran 979)
  • Peter van Minnen, Leuven University, FallContextualizing Early Christianity in Egypt

Junior Fellows

  • Elena N. Boeck, Yale University, Academic YearThe Art of Being Byzantine: History, Ritual, and Visual Narrative in the Madrid Skylitzes
  • Sarah T. Brooks, New York University, Institute of Fine Arts, Academic YearCommemoration of the Dead: Late Byzantine Tomb Decoration (Mid-13th to Mid-15th Centuries)
  • Cecily J. Hilsdale, University of Chicago, Academic YearDiplomacy by Design: Rhetorical Strategies of the Byzantine Gift
  • Christopher MacEvitt, Princeton University, Academic Year,Crusaders and Local Christian Communities, 1097–1187
  • Warren T. Woodfin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Academic YearLate Byzantine Embroidered Vestments and the Iconography of Sacerdotal Power

Summer Fellows

  • Margarethe Billerbeck, University of FribourgThe General Introduction to a Critical Edition of Stephanus of Byzantium, Ethnika
  • Florin Curta, University of FloridaBarbarian Ethnicities and the Early Byzantine Frontier (ca. 400–600)
  • Gregorios A. Ioannides, Galata, CyprusThe Byzantine Liturgical Tradition in the Geographical Area of Cyprus: Euchology Manuscripts from Cyprus
  • Olga Karagiorgou, University of OxfordThe Sigillographic Corpus of the Theme of Hellas
  • Peter Martens, University of Notre DameThe Philocalia in the Philosophic Life of the Cappadocians
  • Victor Spinei, Institutul de Arheologie, Iasi, RomaniaThe Cumans and their Contacts with South-Eastern European Peoples in the 11th–14th Centuries
  • Antonios Tsakalos, University of Paris I, Panthéon-SorbonneThe Rock-Cut Monastic Complex of Karanlik Kilise in the Göreme Valley: Religious Art, Secular Donors
  • Diana G. Wright, Washington, DCThe Greek Correspondence of Bartolomeo Minio Vol. 1: Dispacci from Nauplion, 1479–1483

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