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Byzantine Fellows List, 2006/07

Visiting Scholars

Associate Fellow

  • Irfan Shahîd


  • Florin Curta, University of Florida, FallGreece in the Early Middle Ages (ca. 500 to ca. 1050): An Economic and Social Perspective
  • Stephen E. Gersh, University of Notre Dame, SpringThe Byzantine Proclus
  • Dimitri Korobeinikov, University of Oxford, Academic Year,Byzantium and the Turks from the Eleventh to the Twelfth Centuries
  • Wendy Mayer, Australian Catholic University, Academic YearThe Churches of Syrian Antioch: Christian Sites of Worship in the City and its Suburbs (350–600 CE)
  • Arietta S. Papaconstantinou, Collège de France – C.N.R.S., Academic YearThe Rise and Fall of Coptic: A Cultural History of the Language and its Speakers
  • Christos Simelidis, University of Oxford, Academic YearA Critical Edition of the Carmina of St. Gregory of Nazianzus for the Corpus Christianorum Series
  • Denis F. Sullivan, University of Maryland, Academic YearThe Life of St. Basil the Younger
  • Alan G. Walmsley, The University of Copenhagen, Academic Year,The Levantine Economy, ca. 565–865 CE: New Archaeological Perspectives

Junior Fellows

  • Koray S. Durak, Harvard University, Academic YearNetworks of Communications between the Byzantines and the Muslims from the Mid-Ninth Century to the Arrival of the Crusaders
  • Pagona Papadopoulou, Université de Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne, Academic YearCoin Circulation and Monetary Affairs in the Balkans before and after the Fourth Crusade (1092–1261)
  • Suna Çagaptay-Arikan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Academic YearVisualizing the Cultural Transition in Bithynia (1300–1402): Architecture, Correlative Spaces, and Urbanism

Summer Fellows

Visiting Scholars

  • Paul Magdalino, University of St. Andrews, Fall
  • Speros Vryonis

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