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Byzantine Fellows List, 2013/14

Visiting Scholars


  • Ivan Drpić, University of Washington, Art and Epigram in Byzantium, 1100–1450
  • Dimitris Kastritsis, University of St Andrews, Byzantines, Ottomans, and Others in the Last Century of Byzantium (1354–1453)
  • Ekaterina Nechaeva, American Academy in Rome, Defection and Freedom: Long-term Cross-border Movements of Individuals in the Late Antique World.
  • Foteini Spingou, University of Oxford, Anonymous Poems and Epigrams From ms. Marcianus gr. 524. Edition and Translation.
  • Tolga Uyar, Orient & Méditerranée, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Art and Society in the Land of Rum: Thirteenth-century 'Byzantine' Paintings in Cappadocia
  • Elena Velkova Velkovska, University of Siena, The Byzantine Liturgical Gospel between Constantinople and Jerusalem

Junior Fellows

  • Nathan Leidholm, University of Chicago, Political Families in Byzantium: The Social and Cultural Significance of the Genos as Kin Group, c.900–1150
  • Jordan Pickett, University of Pennsylvania, Water After Antiquity: the Transformation of Roman Water Management in the Late Antique Eastern Mediterranean
  • AnnaLinden Weller, Rutgers University, Imagining Pre-Modern Imperialism: The Letters of Byzantine Imperial Agents Outside the Metropole

William R. Tyler Fellows

  • Merih Danali, Negotiating Self-Representation and Cultural Identity: Artistic and Cultural Responses to the Byzantine-Ottoman Encounter (1300–1453)
  • Saskia Dirkse, Asceticism, Orality, and Textual Transmission in the Spiritual Meadow of John Moschus
  • Julian Yolles, Latin Culture in the Crusader States (1099–1187)

Summer Fellows

  • Maria Doerfler, Duke University, The Death of Strangers and the Life of the Community in Eastern Christian Thought
  • Mircea Dulus, Central European University, The Homilies of Philagathos of Cerami: Byzantine Culture at the Court of King Roger II and William I
  • Meaghan McEvoy, University of Oxford, The Politics of Incompetence? The “Feeble” Theodosian Emperors and Why They Matter
  • Inmaculada Pérez Martín, Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, Madrid, Byzantium's Reception of Michael Psellos’ De Omnifaria Doctrina, As Shown By Its Manuscripts
  • Marka Tomic Djuric, Institute for Balkan Studies, SASA, Displaying Liturgical Poetry: The Church of Marko's Monastery Near Skopje
  • Warren Woodfin, Queens College, City University of New York, Byzantium and the Kipchaks: Material and Military Contacts
  • Nektarios Zarras, University of the Aegean, Image and Narration in Byzantium: New Testament Cycles in Palaiologan Monumental Painting

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