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Fellows and Visiting Scholars in Byzantine Studies at Dumbarton Oaks


Visiting Fellows

Robert Browning

Gennadii G. Litavrin

Jakov Nikolaevič Ljubarskij

Bulgarian Exchange Fellows

Ivan Jordanov

Neil Moran


S. Peter Cowe (Columbia University), Armeno-Byzantine Christological Dialogue with Special Reference to the Period 550–750

Anthony Cutler (Pennsylvania State University, Spring), Ivory Carving in Byzantium

Maria Dzielska (Jagiellonian University, Cracow), Synesius and his Political Philosophy


Jeffrey Featherstone (Cambridge, Massachusetts), Edition of the Refutation of the Iconoclastic Council of 815 by the Patriarch Nicephorus

Stephen Gero (University of Tübingen), The Byzantine Iconoclastic Movement in the Ninth Century

Stephen Reinert (Rutgers University), The Emperor and the Sultan: Manuel II Palaiologos's Encounter with Bayezid I and the Ottoman World

Daniel Sheerin (University of Notre Dame, Spring), A Study of the Kontakion 'Hos tou ano stereomatos'

Junior Fellows

Boris Gudziak (Harvard University), Crisis and Reform: The Ruthenian Church between the Union of Lublin (1569) and the Union of Brest (1596)

Peter Hatlie (Fordham University), Abbot Theodore and the Studites: A Case Study in Monastic Social Groupings and Political Conflict in Constantinople (787–826)

Jasmin Moysidou (University of Ioannina), Byzantium and its Neighbors in the Tenth Century

Summer Fellows

Dimitris Apostolopoulos (The National Hellenic Research Foundation), Acta Patriarchatus Constantinopolitani: 1454–1502

Leonidas Bargeliotes (University of Athens), Scepticism and Dogmatism in Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Period

Mark C. Bartusis (Northern State College), Pronoia

David Buckton (The British Museum), The Backgrounds of Byzantine Enamel

Danuta Gorecki (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), The Monasticism and the Rural Community of the Byzantine Middle Ages: A Socio-Economic Analysis

Dionisios Kalamakis (Piraeus, Greece), Byzantine Translations of St. Augustine's Works

Sotirios Kissas (Ninth Ephoria of Byzantine Antiquities, Thessaloniki), Recent Excavations in Hagia Sophia of Thessaloniki

Fairy von Lilienfeld (Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen), The Conversion of Kartli and Other Sources for the Life of St. Nino

Eric McGeer (University of Montreal), The Byzantine Army in the Tenth Century

Theodore Natsoulas (University of Toledo, Ohio), A Study of Ethiopian-Byzantine Relations

Jacques Schamp (École Normale, Liège), Damascius' Vita Isidori

Plutarchos Theocharidis (Tenth Ephoria of Byzantine Antiquities), The Towers of Mount Athos: A Catalogue

Maria Vassilaki (University of Crete), Cretan Painting in the Fifteenth Century: Maniera bizantina or lingua italiana?

Elizabeth Zachariadou (University of Crete), Lesser Byzantine Sources Concerning the Ottomans

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Bulgarian Exchange Fellows

Bistra Nikolova

George Stričević


Smiljka Gabelić (University of Belgrade), Cycles of the Archangels in Byzantine Art

Fairy von Lilienfeld (Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, Spring), The Conversion of Kartli

Ofer Livne (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Muslim Ascetics and Monks

George Majeska (University of Maryland), Critical Edition, English Translation, and Commentary for the Pilgrim Book of Anthony of Novgorod

Phaedon Malingoudis (University of Thessaloniki, Spring), The Prosopography of Slavic Name-Bearers in Byzantium, Sixth–Tenth Centuries

Lucas Siorvanes (St. Alban's, England), God and Power: Theories of Dynamics in Late Neo-Platonism

Junior Fellows

Berenice Cavarra (University of Bologna), Philosopher-Ruler and Basileus theophiles

Thomas Dale (John Hopkins University), The Crypt of Basilica Patriarcale at Aquileia

Jacqueline Long (Columbia University), Claudian's In Eutropium: Artistry and Practicality in Slandering a Eunuch

Alessandra Ricci (University of Rome), The Theodosian Land Walls of Constantinople: Chronology and Characteristic Features Compared with Other Fortifications

Summer Fellows

Hachem Aljassem (Ontario, Canada), A Comparative Study of the Organization of the Byzantine Themes and Arab Military Districts, A.D. 638–754

Beaudoin Caron (Laval University), Catalogue of Figure-engraved Roman Glassware from the First to the Sixth Century

Costas N. Constantinides (University of Ioannina), Dated Greek Manuscripts from Cyprus to the Year 1570

Melek Delilbaşi (University of Ankara), Epirus from the Byzantine to the Ottoman Period

Alexander Grishin (Australian National University), The Travel Journal of Vasy'l Hryhorovyč-Bars'kyj: An Edition, Translation and Commentary

Debra Pincus (University of British Columbia), Byzantine Elements in the Venetian Ducal Tomb, 1249–1413

Robert F. Taft (Pontificio Istituto Orientale, Rome), The Byzantine Anaphora of St. John Chrysostom: History and Text

Ronald Weber (University of Texas at El Paso), Prefects, Priests, and Patrons of the Calionii: A Study in the Transformation of the Roman Aristocracy

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Visiting Fellows

Helen H. Metreveli

Bulgarian Exchange Fellows

Hristo Louka Matanov (Institute for Balkam Studies, Fall), The Principality of the Dragas Clan: A Contribution to the History of Late Fourteenth Century Macedonia; The Ottoman Invasion of Bulgaria


Charles Brand (Bryn Mawr College, Spring), Revolts and Popular Outbursts in Byzantine Cities, Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries

Bernard Coulie (University of Louvain), The Armenian Versian of the Works of Gregory of Nazianzus

Melek Delilbaşi (University of Ankara), Epirus from the Byzantine to the Ottoman Period

Sarah Guberti Bassett (Clucas) (Swarthmore College), The Re-use of Antiquities in the Urban Decoration of Constantinople, 4th–6th Centuries

Susan Harvey (University of Rochester), Spirituality and Symbolic Behavior in Early Syriac Asceticism

Jean-Claude Schmitt (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales), The History of Images in the Western Middle Ages

Junior Fellows

Zvi Ma'oz (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), The Art and Architecture of Byzantine Synagogues in the Golan in their Wider Cultural Context

Eric McGeer (University of Montreal), Introductions, Editions, Translations, and Commentaries for the Praecepta militaria and Chapters 56–62 of the Tactica of Nikephoros Ouranos

Svetlana Mojsilović-Popović (University of Belgrade), The Architecture of Medieval Serbian Monasteries

Linda Safran (Yale University, Fall), S. Pietro at Otranto and its Place in Byzantine Art

Rosemary Thoonen Dubowchik (Princeton University), A Chant for Feasts of the Holy Cross in the Latin, Byzantine, and Eastern Rites

Summer Fellows

Paul Denis (Royal Ontario Museum), A Catalogue of the Byzantine Collection in the Royal Ontario Museum

Susan Madigan (University of Notre Dame), Byzantine Palaeography and Illumination in Manuscripts of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan, Vol. 1: A.D. 500–1200

Marlia Mango (Bucks, England), Domestic Silver Plate, A.D. 300–700

Gregory A. Myers (North Burnaby, Canada), The Medieval Russian Kondakar and the Transcription of Russian Kondakarian Musical Notation

Frederick Norris (Emmanuel School of Religion), A Critical Text and English Translation of Elias of Crete's Comments on Gregory Nazianzen's Theological Orations

Helen Saradi-Mendelovici (Trent University), Le notariat byzantin du IXe au XVe s.

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Bulgarian Exchange Fellows

Anka Danceva-Vasileva (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Fall), Plovdiv (Philippopolis) during the Middle Ages


Michael Angold (University of Edinburgh), Church and Society in Byzantium, 1081–1204

Robert Browning (Birkbeck College, University of London), Contributions to the Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium

Kathleen Corrigan (Dartmouth College), The Ninth-Century Byzantine Psalters

Bert De Vries (Calvin College, Fall), The Publication of the Fieldwork at Umm el-Jamal and El-Lejjun

Erica Dodd (American University of Beirut), Medieval Frescos in Lebanon

Jean-Claude Garcin (Université de Provence), A Comparative Study of Muslim and Byzantine Material Civilization

Prudence Harper (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Fall), Silver Vessels of the Sasanian Period

Robert Hohlfelder, Aspects of the History and Archaeology of the Harbors of Byzantine Caesarea Maritima

Chryssa Maltezou (University of Crete, Spring), Latin Domination in Greek Lands, 1204–1797

Lennart W. Ryden (University of Uppsala, Spring), The History of Byzantine Hagiography in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries

Junior Fellows

Michèle Mertens (Université de Liège), Egyptian Alchemy in the Byzantine Context

Nevra Necipoğlu (Harvard University), Academic Year, Byzantium between the Turks and the Latins: A Study of Political Attitudes in the Late Palaeologan Period (1380–1453)

Robert Schick (University of Chicago), The Fate of Christians in Palestine during the Byzantine-Umayyad Transition, A.D. 600–750

Summer Fellows

Joseph Alchermes (Institute of Fine Arts, New York University), Commemoration of Martyrs in Rome and Latium

Maria Cesa (University of Urbino), A Translation, with Introduction and Historical Commentary, of the Vita Epiphanii of Ennodius

Muriel Heppel (University of London), Annotated English Translation, with Introduction and Commentary, of the Kievo-Pečerskij Paterik

Phaedon Malingoudis (University of Thessaloniki), The Prosopography of Slavonic Name-bearers in Byzantine Sources

Michael McGann (Queen's University of Belfast), The Poetry of Michael Tarchaniotes Marullus; the Constantinopolis of Ubertino Pusculo

Margaret E. Mullett (Queen's University of Belfast), The Letters of Theophylact of Ochrid

Emilian Popescu (Theologischen Institut, Bucharest), Second Revised Edition of Greek and Latin Inscriptions from the Fourth to Thirteenth Centuries Discovered in Romania

Shigebumi Tsuji (Osaka University), The Gospels Scenes on the Attic of the Hypogeum of Clodius Hermes; Origin and Development of Narrative Landscape

Nina Ulff-Møller (University of Copenhagen), Byzantine Menaia Manuscripts for the Month of April

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Bulgarian Exchange Fellows

Iliya Illiev (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Fall), The Penetration of Christianity into Ninth- and Tenth-Century Bulgaria


Xavier Barral i Altet (Université de Haute Bretagne, Rennes Ⅱ, Fall), Les Pavements en mosaique du Moyen Age Byzantin

Robert Browning (Birkbeck College, University of London, Spring), A Revised Edition of Justinian and Theodora (London-NewYork 1971)

Robert Gregg (Duke University, Spring), Communicating the Sacred in Word and Image: Continuities from the Third through Fifth Centuries; Greek Inscriptions from Roman Gaulanitis

Apostolos Karpozilos (University of Ioannina), The Correspondence of Theodoros Hyrtakenos: An Edition, Translation, and Commentary

Andrzej Poppe (Institute of History, University of Warsaw), The Ecclesiastical Geography of Eastern Slavs, 1201–1458

R. Denys Pringle (Keble College, University of Oxford), Churches and Other Buildings of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1099–1291

Silvia Ronchey (Rome, Italy, Spring), Eustathius' Exegesis in canonem iambicum de Pentecoste, critical edition (prooemium-odae 1/3)

Kalliope Theocharidou (Department of Byzantine Antiquities of Thessalonika), The Architecture of the Acheiropoietos Basilica, Thessalonika: Form, Phases, and Chronology

John Wilkinson (Ecumenical Institute, Jerusalem), The Meaning of Early Christian Capitals, 450–560

Mirjana Živojinović (Institute for Byzantine Studies, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts), The Monastic Trade in the Byzantine Empire and Medieval Serbia

Junior Fellows

Susanna Elm (St. Hilda's College, University of Oxford), The Organization and Institutions of Female Asceticism in Fourth-Century Egypt and Cappadocia

Peter John Heather (New College, University of Oxford), The Goths and the Balkans A.D. 350–500

Alexander Jones (Brown University), Exact Sciences in Byzantium, Fourth to Twelfth Centuries

Suzanne MacAlister (University of Sydney, Spring), An Examination of the Dream Motif in Greek Romance of Antiquity and its Revival in Twelfth-Century Byzantium

Summer Fellows

Thomas S. Brown (University of Edinburgh), A Social and Cultural Study of Ninth-Century Ravenna together with a Translation of the Liber Pontificalis Ecclesiae Ravennatis of Andreas Agnellus

Carolyn Connor (Institute of Fine Arts, New York University), The Crypt at Hosios Loukas and its Frescos

David Frendo (University College, Cork), A Historical Commentary on the Histories of Theophylact Simocatta

Cynthia Hahn (Florida State University), The Earliest Illustrated Narrative Lives of the Saints

John MacIsaac (Johns Hopkins University), Provincial Mints in Greece under Manuel Comnenus: Some Evidence from Corinth and Athens

Christine Smith (Georgetown University), Architectural Description of Byzantium and the West, 500–1453

Mehmet I. Tunay (Istanbul Universitesi), Wall Techniques of Byzantine Architecture

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Bulgarian Exchange Fellows

Vassilka T. Zaimova (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Fall), Relations between the Byzantine and Balkan Cultures Reflected in the Exegetical Literature, Historiography, and Lexicography


Robert Edwards (University of California, Los Angeles), The Fortifications of Eastern Anatolia and Northern Syria

Kaspar Elm (Free University of Berlin, Spring), The Latin Church of Jerusalem between the East and West

Aleksander Gieysztor (Royal Castle Warsaw, Spring), Slavonic Paganism and Early Christianity, Antagonisms and Coexistence

David Jacoby (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Western Expansion to the Eastern Mediterranean in the Late Middle Ages, Eleventh to Fifteenth Centuries

Henry Kahane (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Spring), The Keywords of Hellenistic and Byzantine Religious Movements

Renée Kahane (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Spring), The Keywords of Hellenistic and Byzantine Religious Movements

Michael Maas (Rice University), John Lydus and the Roman Past

R. Denys Pringle (Keble College, University of Oxford), Churches and Other Buildings of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1099–1291

Jonathan Shepard (Selwyn College, Cambridge, Spring), Byzantium and its Neighbors, ca. 850–1118

Robert F. Taft (Pontificio Istituto Orientale, Rome), The History of the Byzantine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom: The Anaphora, Communion, Thanksgiving, and Dismissal Rites

Franz Tinnefeld (University of Munich, Fall), A Critical Edition of John Kantakouzenos' Refutatio Prochori Cydonii and Disputatio cum Paulo patriarcha latino, VII epistulis tradita

Yoram Tsafrir (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), The Urban Development of Jerusalem in the Fourth and Seventh Centuries

Junior Fellows

Mark Herlong (Catholic University of America), Kinship and Social Mobility in Byzantium, 802–1025

William Kennedy (Balliol College, University of Oxford), Menander Protector and Byzantine Diplomacy in the Sixth Century

Anne B. Terry (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Spring), Early Byzantine Sculpture in the Upper Adriatic

NEH Seminars

Robert Croskey

John D'Amico

Gerald Day

Kevin Dungey

Steven Fanning

Michael Harstad

Andrew Horton

Daniel Nodes

Joy Potter

Philip Rollianson

Christine Smith

Mark A. Smith

Sigillography Seminars

Andrew Cappel

Jean-Claude Cheynet

Archibald Warren Dunn

Summer Fellows

Françoise Baritel (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France), Research on Landscape in Late Mosaic Pavements

Xavier Barral i Altet (Université de Haute Bretagne, Rennes II), Le Pavement en mosaïque de l'église de la Martorana à Palerme

Lawrence Butler (University of Pennsylvania), The Nave Cornices of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Norman Housley (University of Leicester), The Avignon Papacy and the Crusades, 1305–1378

Hrisanta Marin (Romanian Accademy of Social and Political Sciences), Kekragaria in Byzantine Chant

Ayla Odekan (Technical University of Istanbul), Relations of Anatolian Turkish Architecture with Various Cultural Spheres

Dimitris Tsougarakis (Exeter College, University of Oxford), Byzantine Crete from the Fifth to Sixth Century

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Visiting Scholars

David Balfour

Semavi Eyice

Visiting Fellow

Kari Borresen

Associate Fellow

Irfan Shahîd


Şerif Bastav (Ankara University), A History of Byzantium

Robert Benson (University of California, Los Angeles, Fall), Hierarchy and Authority: Structures of Church and Monarchy in Medieval Thought and Action

Charalambos Bouras (Technical University of Athens, Spring), Ecclesiastical Architecture of the Twelfth and the First Decades of the Thirteenth Century, in Hellas and the Peloponnesus

Evangelos Chrysos (University of Ioannina), Register of Imperial Documents from 476–565

Gianfranco Fiaccadori, The Greek Life of Gregentius, Bishop of Zafar (Yemen)

William Frend (Glasgow University, Spring), The Propaganda War during the Great Perscution, 303–312

Elizabeth Jeffreys (Macquarie University, Spring), The Chronicle of John Malalas: The Letters of the Monk Iakovos

Gedaliahu Stroumsa (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Early Byzantine Theology and the Manichaean Challenge

Vladimir Vavrinek (Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Spring), The Old Slavonic Lives of Constantine and Methodius within the Framework of Byzantine Hagiography

John M. Wallace-Hadrill (All Souls College, Oxford, Spring), The Preparation of a Commentary on Bede's Ecclesiastical History

James Wiseman (Boston University), History and Archeology at Stobi, Yugoslavia

David H. Wright (University of California, Berkeley, Spring), Western Evidence for Byzantine Art around the Year 800

Joint Fellow Athens

Mary B. Cunningham (University of Birmingham), The Homilies of Andreas of Crete: Their Place in the Byzantine Homiletic Tradition: Basil of Seleucia's Homily on Lazarus: A Critical Edition and Translation

Junior Fellows

Mark C. Bartusis (Rutgers University), The Late Byzantine Soldier: A Social and Administrative Study

Robert Edwards (University of California, Los Angeles), The Fortifications of Eastern Anatolia and Northern Syria

Paul Hollingsworth (University of California, Berkeley), Kinship and Suffering in Kievan Rus': The Cult of Boris and Gleb

David Olster (University of Chicago), The Presentation and Function of the Emperor in the Early Seventh Century

Museum Fellows

Laskarina Bouras (Benaki Museum, Spring), Byzantine Lighting Devices

Summer Fellows

Robert Allison (Bates College), The Scriptorium of Philotheou: Phases in the History of Life and Thought in the Athonite Monastery as Documented in the Products of its Scriptorium

Bernard S. Bachrach (University of Minnesota), Animals and Warfare in the Byzantine Empire, 378–634

Leslie Brubaker (Wheaton College), Monograph on Paris. Gr. 510; Article, Politics, Patronage and Art in Ninth-Century Byzantium: The Homilies of Gregory of Nazianzus in Paris

Kathleen Corrigan (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), The Ninth-Century Byzantine Marginal Psalters

Gudrun Engberg (University of Copenhagen), The Manuscript Tradition of the Byzantine Old Testament Lectionary (Prophetologion)

Genevra Kornbluth (University of North Carolina), Carolingian Engraved Crystals and related Gems

Clayton Miles Lehmann (American School of Classical Studies), The Greek and Latin Inscriptions of Caesarea Maritima

Leslie S. B. MacCoull (Society for Coptic Archaeology), Dioscorus of Aphrodito: His Work and His World

Robert Ousterhout (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), The Architecture of Kariye Camii in Istanbul

Helen Saradi-Mendelovici (University of Montreal), The Byzantine Notarial System, Especially from the Ninth to the Fifteenth Century

Werner Seibt (University of Vienna), Byzantine Sigillography; The Byzantine Empire and the Sasanians during the reigns of Phocas and Heraclius (External Evolution and Internal Consequences)

Anne B. Terry (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), The Architecture and Aspects of the Decorative Program at the Cathedral in Poreč: The Artistic Patronage of Bishop Eufrasius

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Visiting Scholar

Adriana Sireli

Visiting Fellows

Hans Mayer

Joshua Prawer (Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Spring)

Speros Vryonis (University of California, Los Angeles)

Associate Fellow

Irfan Shahîd


Robert Benson (University of California, Los Angeles, Fall), Hierarchy and Authority: Structures of Church and Monarchy in Medieval Thought and Action

Frank M. Clover (University of Wisconsin, Madison), The Vandals and Mediterranean Politics in the Age of Geiseric

Anthony Cutler (Pennsylvania State University), Ivory and Society: Craftsmen and Patrons in Late Antiquity

Hanna Geremek (University of Warsaw), Culture of the Urban Elite in Egypt of the Third to Sixth Centuries: Its Products, Creators and Consumers

Kenneth G. Holum (University of Maryland), The Holy Land: A History of Palestine from Helena's Pilgrimage to the Moslem Conquest

Fairy von Lilienfeld (Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, Spring), The Patrocinium of Hagia Sophia/Santa Sapientia in Medieval Byzantium and Europe

Thomas Mathews (Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, Spring), Program in Armenian Gospel Iconography

Margaret E. Mullett (Queen's University, Belfast, Spring), Literary Society and the Literary Public under the Komnenoi

Anthony-Emil Tachiaos (University ofThessaloniki, Fall), Photios Monemvasiotes, Metropolitan of Russia (1408–1431): A Study of Russian-Byzantine Relations in the First Half of the Fifteenth Century

Guest Fellows

Blaga Aleksova

Joint Fellow with the American Academy in Rome

Thomas J.M. Cerbu

Junior Fellows

Simon P. Ellis (Lincoln College, University of Oxford), Byzantine Houses

Oliver Nicholson (Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge), Lactantius: Prophecy and Politics in the Age of Constantine the Great

Cynthia J. Stallman (Balliol College, University of Oxford), Life of S. Pancratius of Taormina

Natalia Teteriatnikov (Institute of Fine Arts, New York University), Formation and Evolution of Early Cappadocian Architecture and Decoration

Summer Fellows

Patricia A. Coyne (Bishop's University), Priscian's De Laude Anastasii Imperatoris: A Historical and Literary Commentary

Halil Inalcik (University of Chicago), Istanbul During the Ottoman Period: A Contribution to Ottoman Urbanism and Social History

James Morganstern (Ohio State University), The Byzantine Fort and Sculpture at Dereağzi

Roger D. Scott (University of Melbourne), The Chonicles of Malalas and Theophanes

Ioannis Spatharakis (University of Crete), Commentary on the Illustrations of Ps. – Oppian's Cynegetica MS at Venice

Alice Taylor (Institute of Fine Arts, New York University), Armenian Gospel Illumination at Lake Van, 1350–1500

Summer Fellow/Seminars

Dennis D. Hammond (University of California, Los Angeles), Byzantine Documents Seminar

Christine Havice (University of Kentucky), Byzantine Documents Seminar

Diane Legomsky

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Visiting Scholar

Venediktos Englezakis

Visiting Fellows

Hans Mayer

Speros Vryonis (University of California, Los Angeles)

Associate Fellow

Irfan Shahîd


Brian Daley (Weston School of Theology), Greek Theological Controversy in the Early Sixth Century

Robert S. Nelson (University of Chicago), Studies on Byzantine Manuscript Illumination of the Twelfth Century

Dimitri Obolensky (Christ Church, University of Oxford, Fall), Byzantium in Eastern Europe: Some Major Protagonists

Philip Rousseau (University of Auckland), Providence and Freedom in the Later Roman Empire

Franz Tinnefeld (University of Munich, Spring), Four Prooimia of Imperial Records Composed by Demetrios Kydones: Critical Editions and Philological-Historical Commentary

Raymond Van Dam (Stanford University), Religion and Society in Late Antique Asia Minor

Edith M. Wightman (McMaster University, Spring), Gallia Belgica: An Investigation of Later Empire Trends in the Northern Roman Provinces

Junior Fellows

Marie Taylor Davis (Princeton University), Ennodius of Pavia: Religion, Politics, Literature, and Propaganda under Theoderic

Susan Madigan (University of Chicago), Athens gr. 211 and the Illustrated Versions of the Homilies of John Chrysostom

Nicolas Schidlovsky (Princeton University), The Notation of the Lenten Prosomoia in the Byzantine and Slavic Traditions

Joseph Sonderkamp (Freie Universität Berlin), The Transmission of the Epitome Morborum of Theophanes, Called Nonnus

Summer Fellows

Averil Cameron (King's College, University of London), Procopius of Caesarea

Costas N. Constantinides (Cyprus Research Center), Cyprus and Cypriots in the Medieval Greek Sources

Helen Evans (Institute of Fine Arts, New York University), Two Narrative Gospels from the School of T'eres Roslin (Walters Art Gallery Ms. W539 and Freer Gallery of Art Ms. 32.18) – The Hands of Illuminators and the Iconography of the Texts

James D. Howard-Johnston (Oxford University), The Revival of Byzantine Power in the Near East, 867–1025

Ann Kuttner (University of California at Berkeley), The David Plates of Heraclius: An Art Historical Excursus into Imperial Ideology

Timothy S. Miller (University of Washington), The Origins of Hospitals in Medieval Byzantium

Styliani Papadaki-Okland (University of Crete), The Illustration of the Byzantine Job Manuscripts: A Preliminary Study of its Origin and Development

Paul Rorem (Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies), The Pseudo-Dionysian Synthesis

Helen Saradi-Mendelovici (University of Montreal), Le notariat byzantin du IXe au XVe s.

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Visiting Fellows

Hans Mayer (University of Kiel), History of the Latin East

Associate Fellow

Irfan Shahîd


Anthony A. M. Bryer (University of Birmingham), Late Byzantine and Early Ottoman Society

Dimitri Conomos (University of British Columbia, Fall), The Late Byzantine and Slavonic Communion Cycle

Sidney Griffith (Catholic University of America), Images and Symbols, Muslim Polemic and Christian Apologetic

Walter Kaegi (University of Chicago, Fall), Byzantium and the Arab Conquest

Anthony Luttrell (Old University of Malta), An Edition of the Aragonese Chronicle of the Morea

Justin Mossay (Catholic University of Louvain, Spring), Gregory of Naziarzus

Ahmad Shboul (University of Sydney), The Byzantines in Arabic Literature: Social and Intellectual Life in the Arab Frontier Cities of Northern Syria and Upper Mesopotamia

Speros Vryonis

Slobodan Ćurčić (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Spring), Annotated Bibliography of Medieval Art and Architecture in the Balkans

Fellow/American Academy in Rome

Jan Ziolkowski

Junior Fellows

John P. Baldovin (Yale University), The Urban Context of Christian Worship in Jerusalem, Rome, and Constantinople from the 4th to the 10th Centuries

Leslie Brubaker (Johns Hopkins University), The Homilies of Gregory of Nazianzus in Paris (B.N. gr 510)

Bruce Lippard (Indiana University), Byzantium and the Mongols, 1243–1341

Robert Ousterhout (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), The Architecture of the Kariye Camii in Istanbul

William N. Turpin (Cambridge University), The Late Roman Law Codes: Forms and Procedures of Imperial Legislation from the Classical Age to Justinian

Summer Fellows

Pascal Culerrier (University of Paris – Nanterre), Urban History of Western Asia Minor (6th–10th centuries)

C. W. J. Eliot (Mount Allison University, New Brunswick), The Nekropolis Church at Anemurium (Modern Anamur) in Cilicia

John F. Haldon (University of Birmingham), Late Byzantine and Early Ottoman Society

John Langdon (University of California, Los Angeles), John III Ducas Vatatzes (1222–1254)

Rowena K. Loverance (University of Birmingham), Late Byzantine and Early Ottoman Society

Werner Seibt (University of Vienna), Byzantine Prosopography

Christopher Walter (Institut français d'études byzantines Paris), Iconographical Themes Reflecting the Ideology of the Byzantine Church

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