Fellows and Visiting Scholars in Byzantine Studies at Dumbarton Oaks


Visiting Scholar

Paul Speck

Associate Fellow

Irfan Shahîd


Clive Foss (University of Massachusetts, Boston), Justinian's Ruling Class / Syria in Transition 550–750 AD

Eurydice S. Georgantelis (Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Fall), Coin Finds from Philippi

Kiril Pavlikianov (University of Sofia), The Byzantine, Iberian, Serbian and Bulgarian Aristocracy in the Athonite Monasteries (950–1460)

Alain Touwaide (Madrid, Spain), Medicine and Society in Byzantium (1261–1453)

Witold Witakowski (Uppsala University), Syriac Short Chronicles

Slobodan Ćurčić (Princeton Univrsity, Spring), Architecture in the Balkans from Diocletian to Süleyman the Magnificent

Junior Fellows

Dimiter G. Angelov (Harvard University), Imperial Ideology and Power in the Late Byzantine Empire, 1204–ca.1328

Anastasios George Papademetriou (Princeton University), Greek Elites as Christians and Converts in the Ottoman Society: 1453–1600

Efstratios Papaioannou (Institut für Byzantinistik und Neogräzistik der Universität Wien), Michael Psellos' Personality in the Light of his Correspondence and a Critical Edition of his Letters

Konstantinos Smyrlis (University of Paris I [Sorbonne]), The Role of the Great Monasteries in the Byzantine Economy, from the 10th to the Middle of the 14th Century

Summer Fellows

Sümer Atasoy (University of Istanbul), Bronze Lamps in the Istanbul Archeological Museum: A Catalogue

Sarah Guberti Bassett (Wayne State University), The Reuse of Antiquities in the Urban Decoration of Constantinople, 4th–6th Centuries

Salvatore Cosentino (Università di Cagliari), Naumachica. A Byzantine Literature

Miodrag Marković (University of Belgrade), The Monastery of St. Nikita near Skoplje: History, Architecture and Wall Paintings

Ufuk Serin (Pontificio Istituto di Archeologia Cristiana, Rome), The Religious Architecture in Iasos (of Caria) in the Early-Christian and Proto-Byzantine Ages in Relation to the Urban Development of the Site in the Same Period

Tatiana Tsarevskaia (Novgorod State Museum), The Frescoes of the Church of St. Theodore Stratilates in Novgorod and the 'Expressive' Trend of the Byzantine Painting in the Second Half of the 14th Century

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Visiting Scholar

Lennart W. Ryden, The Vita of Philaretos the Merciful


Jonathan Bardill (University of Oxford), The Church of St. Polyeuktos in Constantinople

Anthony Cutler (Pennsylvania State University, Fall), Gift Exchange between Byzantium and Islam

Zbigniew T. Fiema (Salt Lake City, Utah), The Byzantine Period in Petra and Southern Jordan: New Archaeological and Historical Evidence

Vojislav Korać (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade, Spring), The Architecture in the Transition Zones between Byzantium and the West, 9th to 14th Centuries. Program and Achievements

Derek Krueger (University of North Carolina, Greensboro), Religious Motivations for the Composition of Saints' Lives in the Early Christian East

William L. North (University of California, Berkeley), Oikonomia and Dispensatio in Dialogue: A Comparative Case-Study of Ecclesiastical Mercy and Justice in Byzantium and the West

Brigitte Pitarakis (Paris, France), Byzantine Bronze Pectoral Reliquary Crosses

Denis F. Sullivan (University of Maryland, College Park), John Doxopatres' Commentaries on Hermogenes' Peri staseon and Peri ideon: A Critical Edition, Translation and Analysis

Junior Fellows

Michael Gaddis (Princeton University), Religious Violence in the Christian Roman Empire

Florent Heintz (Harvard University), Magic in the Late Antique Circus

Asen Kirin (Princeton University), The Rotunda of St. George in Sofia: History, Architecture, and Mural Decoration – ca. 300–1600

Holger Klein (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, Bonn, Fall), Perceptions of Byzantium in Romanesque Europe: Byzantine Cross Reliquaries and their Impact on the Artistic Production of the West

Summer Fellows

Kate Cooper (University of Manchester), The Roman Cult of Eastern Martyrs: 400–700

Kristoffel Demoen (Universiteit Gent), John Geometres and John Mauropous: Rhetoric and Literature from Encyclopedism to the Pre-Renaissance

Eurydice S. Georgantelis (Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki), Coins and Routes in Western Thrace, 490–1204 A.D. and the Via Egnatia and the Regional Currencies of the Byzantine Empire

Noel Lenski (University of Colorado at Boulder), Munera Immensa: The Role of Subsidies in Late Roman and Early Byzantine Foreign Policy

Mikaël Nichanian (Université de Paris IV), Byzantine Elites and Imperial Power between the Seventh and the Ninth Century

Arietta S. Papaconstantinou (Université de Paris Ⅻ), The Cult of Saints in Byzantine and Umayyad Egypt: The Contribution of Greek and Coptic Papyrological and Epigraphical Evidence

Rosemary Thoonen Dubowchik (Southern Connecticut State University), Sacred Music of the Byzantine Empire: A Handbook

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Visiting Scholar

Michael McCormick


Srdjan V. Djurić (University of Toronto), Icons of Chilandar from the Twelfth to the Seventeenth Century

Lynda Garland (University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales), Byzantine Humour and its Social Context AD 527–1453

Kenneth G. Holum (University of Maryland), span class="title">Caesarea's Fortune: The Transformation of a Classical City in Late Antiquity

Corinne Jouanno (Université de Caen, Fall), Alexander the Great at Byzantium

Jodi Magness (Tufts University), The Archaeology of the Early Islamic Settlement in Palestine

Radivoj Radić (Serbian Academy of Sciences, Belgrade), Fear in Late Byzantium

Junior Fellows

Todd M. Hickey (University of Chicago), The Private Economies of the Egyptian oikoi of the Flavii Apiones

Veronica G. Kalas (New York University, Institute of Fine Arts), The Rock-Cut Architecture of the Peristrema Valley, Western Cappadocia, in the Context of the Byzantine Revival of Asia Minor, Ninth to Eleventh Centuries

Leonora Neville (Princeton University), The Formation and Potential Influence of Local Provincial Elites in Pre-Komnenian Hellas and Peloponnese

Carl Pearson (Harvard University), Natural Philosophy and Christianity in John Philoponus' De opifico mundi

Special Museum Fellow

Sena Mutlu (The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara, Fall)

Summer Fellows

Melek Delilbaşi (University of Ankara), Turhan Bey: Byzantium and Sphrantzes

Kirsten Krumeich (Bonn, Germany), Spätantiker Baudekor aus Oxyrhynchos: Untersuchungen zur lokalen Skulpturproduktion einer mittelägyptischen Polis

Andreas Nicolaides (Université de Provence), Church of the Panagia Phorviotissa of Asinou, Nikitari, Cyprus and its Wallpaintings

Oğuz Tekin (Istanbul University), Catalogue of the Byzantine Coins in the Yapi Kredi Museum (Istanbul)

Christine Vogt (Paris, France), Publication of the Byzantine Glazed Ware from the Musée du Louvre and the Musée de Sèvres

Hayri Fehmi Yılmaz (Istanbul University), Archaeological Study of the Mangana Palace and Surrounding Area, Byzantine Period

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Visiting Scholar

Jean-Pierre Sodini


Charles E. Barber (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Spring), The Theodore Psalter

Jakov Nikolaevič Ljubarskij (University of St. Petersburg, Spring), A Commentary on the Alexiad of Anna Comnena

William F. Macomber (St. Cloud, Minnesota), A Bohairic-English Dictionary

Sophia Mergiali (University of Crete), Diplomacy during the Late Byzantine Period: Palaeologan Emperors as Ambassadors in the West

Lida Miraj (Institute of Archaeology, Durrës), Some Aspects of the Early Christian Period in Dyrrachium

Daniel Sahas (University of Waterloo, Fall), Names, Epithets and Curses. Name-calling of Muslims in the Byzantine Anti-Islamic Literature

Nicolas Schidlovsky (New York, Fall), Hymns of the Early Slavic Sticherarion: Emerging Perspectives from a Study in Progress

Junior Fellows

John W. Birkenmeier (The Catholic University of America), The Development of the Comnenian Army

Barbara Crostini Lappin (Wolfson College, University of Oxford, Spring), The Katechetikon of Paul of Evergetis (d. 1054)

Leslie Dossey (Harvard University), Rural Unrest in Late Roman North Africa

Stephen J. Shoemaker (Duke University), Mary and the Discourse of Orthodoxy: The Dormition Legends and Ideological Boundaries in Late Antiquity

Summer Fellows

Costas N. Constantinides (University of Ioannina), Byzantine Gardens in Medieval Greek Secular Texts

Marina Falla Castelfranchi (Università di Chieti), La Committenza dell'Icona di San Pietro at Sinai and Cicli della Vita di San Nicola nell'Arte Bizantina dell'Italia Meridionale

Peter Doimi De Frankopan (Oxford University), Aspects of the Foreign Policy of Alexios I Komnenos (1081–1118)

Vera Guruljova (The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg), Byzantine Coins of the XII–XV Centuries

Istvan Perczel (Central European University, Budapest), Research on the Chronology of the Corpus Dionysiacum

Alessandra Ricci (Bilkent University), Late Antique and Early Byzantine Palaces and Villas in Constantinople: New City and New Countryside (ca. AD 330–ca AD 850)

Panagiotis Roilos (Harvard University), Allegory in the Byzantine Novel

Michael P. Speidel (University of Hawaii at Manoa), The Late-Roman and Early-Byzantine Guard

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Visiting Scholar

Vojislav Djurić

Visiting Fellows

Robert Browning

Venetian Exchange Fellows

Nicolas Panayotakis

Exchange Scholars

Jean-Claude Cheynet

Denis Feissel


Theodora Antonopoulou (University of Oxford), A Critical Edition of the Homilies of the Emperor Leo VI

Martin Dennert (Albert-Ludwigs Universität, Freiburg), Byzantine Cameos

Smiljka Gabelić (University of Belgrade), Hagiographical Cycles and the Problem of their Emergence

Stefan R. Hauser (Freie Universität Berlin), Anab as-Safina. Late Roman to Early Islamic Tombs in Syria

Eric A. Ivison (British School at Athens), Byzantine Urban Archaeology in the Athenian Agora: The Medieval Hephaisteion

Alexander L. Lingas (University of British Columbia), Music and Liturgy in Late Byzantium: The Divine Office at Hagia Sophia, Thessalonica

Sally McKee (University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Spring), Ethnicity and Ethnic Relations in Venetian Crete During the Fourteenth Century

David Olster (University of Kentucky), Classical Ethnography and the Third Race

Robert Rodgers (University of Vermont, Spring), Studies on the Greek Geoponica: Preparation of Critical Edition with Translation and Commentary

Junior Fellows

Jane Baun (Princeton University), The Apocalypse of Anastasia in its Middle Byzantine Context

Caren Calendine (University of Wisconsin-Madison), The Nature and Recognition of Sanctity in the Byzantine Empire

Summer Fellows

Federica Ciccolella (University of Turin), Anacreontic Poetry of the 5th and 6th Centuries: John of Gaza and George the Grammarian

Peter Hatlie (University of Groningen), Byzantine Epistolography: Past Perspectives and New Directions

Margaret E. Mullett (The Queen's University of Belfast), The Literary Activity of Alexios I Komnenos (1081–1118)

Gregory A. Myers (University of British Columbia), The Paleoslavonic Kondakar: Constantinople's Legacy of Kievan Rus

Andreas Nicolaides (Université de Provence), Apsidal Iconography in the Painted Churches of Cyprus During the Middle Byzantine Period

Carolyn S. Snively (Gettysburg College), Late Antique Burial Practices in the Balkan Peninsula

Victor Spinei (Institutul de Arheologie, Iasi¸ Romania), The Byzantine Pottery from the Lower Danube in the Tenth to Fourteenth Centuries

Mehmet I. Tunay (Istanbul Universitesi), The Last Five Years' Archaeological Findings in Istanbul from the Byzantine Period

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Melek Delilbaşi (University of Ankara), Turhan Bey: Byzantium and Sphrantzes

Mary-Lyon Dolezal (University of Oregon), The Middle Byzantine Lectionary: Representations of Liturgical Ritual through Text and Image

Peter John Heather (University College London), Byzantium and the West, c. 475–600

Sergej P. Karpov (The Moscow Lomonosov State University), Pontic Hellenism between Latins and Tartars: The Case Study of Tana in the Fourteenth–Fifteenth Centuries

Gennadii G. Litavrin (Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Spring), Village and Power in Byzantium

Junior Fellows

Amy L. Cassens Papalexandrou (Princeton University), The Church of the Dormition of the Virgin of Skripou

Lynn Jones (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), The Church of the Holy Cross at Aghtamar and the Iconography of Kingship

Demetrius Kyritses (Harvard University), A History of the Byzantine Aristocracy in the Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries

Maria Mavroudi (Harvard University), The Oneirocriticon of Achmet: A Byzantine Book of Dream Interpretation and its Arabic Sources

Nicolette S. Trahoulia (Harvard University), The Venice Alexander Romance, Hellenic Institute Cod. Gr. 5: A Study of Alexander the Great in Byzantine Art

Stephan Westphalen (University of Freiburg, Fall), The Odalar Camii in Istanbul: Architecture and Wall Paintings of a Middle Byzantine Church

Summer Fellows

Margaret B. Alexiou (Harvard University), Byzantine Twelfth-Century Beggar Poetry

Francesco D'Aiuto (University of Rome), The Imperial Menologium of Michael IV the Paphlagonian: Publication of Unedited Texts and Global Study of the Collection

Christine Kondoleon (Harvard University), Mosaics of the Dermech Sector of Carthage

Ayyüz Toydemir, Istanbul Technical University), Ceramic Findings of Kalenderhane Mosque at Vezneciler

Summer Seminars

Ioanna Koltsida-Makri

Valentina Shandrovskaya

Claudia Sode

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Visiting Scholars

Michel Balard

Cécile Morrisson

Visiting Fellows

Hélène Ahrweiler

Robert Browning

Collège de France Exchange Scholar

Vincent Déroche


William Adler (North Carolina State University), Chronographic Schools in Byzantium and Syria

Gunnar Brands (Free University of Berlin), Architecture and Architectural Decoration of Resafa-Sergiopolis and Northern Mesopotamia

Alexandra A. Chekalova (Academy of Sciences of Russia), The Senatorial Aristocracy in Early Byzantium

Marie Theres Fögen (Max Planck-Institut für Europäische Rechtsgeschichte, Fall), The Byzantine Political Concept

Paul Magdalino (University of St. Andrews, Spring), Problems in Twelfth-Century Byzantine Literature

Nevra Necipoğlu (Bogazici University), Byzantium Between the Ottomans and the Latins: A Study of Political Attitudes in the Late Palaeologan Period, 1370–1460

Robert F. Taft (Pontificio Istituto Orientale, Rome), A History of the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom: The Communion and Final Rites

Yoram Tsafrir (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Fall), Bet Shean (Scythopolis) in the Roman, Byzantine, and Early Arab Periods: Publication of Recent Excavations

William N. Turpin (Swarthmore College), The Emperor and the Law

Panayotis L. Vocotopoulos (University of Athens, Fall), The Mytilene Gospels

David Wright (University of California, Berkeley, Fall), Art of Late Antiquity and the Dark Ages, 300 to 800 (Pelican History of Art)

Junior Fellows

Dimitris Cacharelias (New York University, Institute of Fine Arts), The Byzantine Illuminated Codex, Mount Athos, Esphigmenou No. 14

Vassa Contoumas-Conticello (University of Paris-IV [Sorbonne]), The Composition of the Fount of Knowledge of St. John of Damascus (before 750)

Summer Fellows

Chrysanthe Baltoyianni (Byzantine Museum of Athens), The Virgin Galaktotrophousa and Its Relationship with the Semiology of the Passion

Nadezhda F. Kavrus-Hoffmann (Russian University of Peoples' Friendship), Byzantine Scriptoria in the Ninth to Thirteenth Centuries and Byzantine Writing Styles

Svetlana Emilova Kujumdzieva (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), The Kekragarion in the Byzantine-Slavic Tradition

Michael F. Pavkovic (Hawaii Pacific University), Roman Military Institutions Reflected in Byzantine Treatises

Engelina Smirnova (Moscow University), Russian Icons of the Eleventh to the First Third of the Thirteenth Centuries

Jean-Michel Spieser (Université des Sciences Humaines de Strasbourg), Decorative Programs of Middle Byzantine Churches

Summer Fellow/Seminars

Wolfram Hörandner

Summer Seminars

Demetrius Kyritses

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Visiting Fellows

Robert Browning

Venetian Exchange Fellow

John Osborne


Dmitry E. Afinogenov (USSR Academy of Sciences' Institute of World History), Social and Ideological Backgrounds of the Party Struggle Inside the Iconophile Church of Byzantium in the 9th Century and its Impact on Byzantine Literature

Thomas S. Brown (University of Edinburgh, Spring), The Byzantine Contribution to the Political, Economic, and Cultural History of Italy, 500–1200 A.D.

Noël Duval (Université de Paris-Sorbonne [Paris IV], Spring), Definitive Version of the Manual of North African Christian Archaeology: The Royalty and Imperial Palace of Late Antiquity

David Frendo (University College, Cork, Fall), Literary Tradition and Historical Reality: A Study of Early Byzantine Poetry from Nonnos of Panopolis to George of Pisidia

David Frank Graf (University of Miami, Spring), Arabia Petraea during the Byzantine Era

Michael John Jeffreys (University of Sydney, Fall), The Historical Poems of Manganeios Prodromos

Haris A. Kalligas (Kifissia, Greece, Fall), Byzantine Monemvasia

Klaus-Peter Matschke (Universität Leipzig, Spring), Sozialgeschichte der Spätbyzantinischen Familie Notaras

Susan T. Stevens (Randolph Macon Woman's College), Images of a Christian City: Carthage in the 5th through 7th Centuries

Junior Fellows

Nicholas Constas (Catholic University of America), Four Christological Homilies of Proclus of Constantinople

Sharon E. J. Gerstel (New York University, Spring), The Development of Eucharistic Iconography in Byzantine Monumental Painting: The Case of the Sanctuary in Macedonian Churches

Dušan Korać (University of Beograd, Yugoslavia), Byzantium under the Amorians (820–867)

Dirk Krausmüller (University of Munich), Monastic Ways of Life and Concepts of Salvation in 9th to 12th Century Byzantium

Olenka Z. Pevny (New York University), The Middle Byzantine Frescoes of the Church of St. Cyril in Kiev: A Study of Byzantine Style and Iconography in Kievan Rus

Summer Fellows

Jutta-Annette Bruhn (Brown University), Coin Settings in Roman Imperial Jewelry

Alexandra A. Chekalova (USSR Academy of Sciences), Senatorial Aristocracy in Early Byzantium

Archibald Warren Dunn (The University of Birmingham), An Historical and Archaeological Framework for the Survey of Boeotia: The Middle Byzantine Period

Richard Lim (Smith College), Public Disputation, Power, and Social Order in Late Antiquity

Alexander L. Lingas (The University of British Columbia), Sunday Matins in Late Byzantine Thessalonica: Music and Liturgy

Jacqueline Long (University of Texas), Austin, The Literary and Political Worlds of Claudian's In Eutropium

John Osborne (University of Victoria), Drawings of Early Christian and Byzantine Antiquities in the Museo Cartaceo of Cassiano dal Pozzo

Helen Saradi-Mendelovici (University of Guelph), The Greek City in the 6th Century A.D.

Elena Vladymirovna Stepanova (St. Petersburg State University), Lead Seals of Early Medieval Italy

Mehmet I. Tunay (Istanbul Universitesi), The Frescoes of St. Sophia in Enez (Ainos)

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Visiting Scholar

Dieter Simon

Visiting Fellows

Hélène Ahrweiler

Robert Browning


Zaza Alexidze (K. Kekelidze Institute of Manuscripts, Academy of Sciences, Georgian SSR, Fall), The Making of National Churches in the Transcaucasus

Marie-France Auzépy (C.N.R.S., Paris, Spring), Hagiography and History: The Example of the Vita Stephani Iunioris and the So-called Iconoclasm

Vera Hrochová (Prague University, Fall), The Economic Role of Byzantine Cities in the Thirteenth–Fifteenth Centuries

Benjamin H. Isaac (Tel Aviv University, Spring), Palestine from Bar Kokhba to the Moslem Conquest and The Roman and Byzantine Road System in Israel

Anna Kartsonis (University of Washington), The Word of the Image in Byzantium: Image Theory and Practice Before and After Iconoclasm

George L. Kurbatov (Leningrad University), The Byzantine City

Cherie J. Lenzen (Washington Grove, Maryland), A Tale of Two Cities in Late Antiquity: Caesarea Maritima/Qasariyah and Capitolias/Beit Ras

Ann Moffatt (Australian National University, Fall), Constantine Porphyrogennetos' De ceremoniis, Vol. 2: Commentary

Joseph Patrich (University of Haifa), Sabas—Leader of Palestinian Monasticism

Denis F. Sullivan (University of Maryland), A Critical Edition, Translation, and Philological-Historical Commentary on Works of Hero of Byzantium'

Franz Tinnefeld (Universität München, Spring), Spiritual Life and Currents in Late Byzantine Society (1260–1460)

Junior Fellows

Maria Georgopoulou (University of California, Los Angeles), Architecture of Domination: The Case of Venetian Crete

Bratislav Pantelić (University of Pennsylvania), The Architecture of the Katholikon of Dečani Monastery

Daniel H. Weiss (The Johns Hopkins University), The Language of Images in Crusader Painting: The 'Arsenal Old Testament'

Summer Fellows

Alexander Alexakis (Exeter College, Oxford University), Codex Parisinus Graecus 1115 and its Iconophile Florilegium

Ioanna Bitha (Academy of Athens), Stylistic Trends and Patronage of a Group of Byzantine Paintings from the End of the Thirteenth Century in Kythera, Greece

Stephanos Efthymiadis (St. John's College, Oxford University), Literacy and the Literary Audience in Early Ninth-Century Byzantium

Charalambos Gasparis (National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens), Countryside in Medieval Crete (Thirteenth–Fifteenth Centuries): Landscape Settlement and Reclamation

Alexander Golitzin (Marquette University), Mystagogy: Dionysius Areopagita and his Christian Predecessors

Caterina Kyriakou (State General Archives, Athens), Late and Post-Byzantine Illustrated Manuscripts: The Oracular and Eschatological Tradition of Byzantium in East and West Europe

Clayton Miles Lehmann (University of South Dakota), Greek and Latin Inscriptions from Caesarea in Israel

Christine Smith (Syracuse University Program in Florence), Architectural Descriptions in Western Europe and Byzantium from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance

Ole L. Smith (University of Copenhagen), Medieval Greek Romances

Barbara Zeitler (Courtauld Institute of Art), Reception of Orthodox Art by Westerners during the Time of the Crusades

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Visiting Fellows

Robert Browning

Bulgarian Exchange Fellows

Elna Toncheva


Catherine Asdracha (Collège de France – C.N.R.S., Spring), Inventory of the Byzantine Inscriptions of Eastern Thrace from the 4th to the 15th Century. Historical Commentary and Prosopography

Annemarie Weyl Carr (Southern Methodist University, Fall), An Icon in Context: The Virgin of Kykko

George T. Dennis (The Catholic University of America), An Edition of the Panegyric and Forensic Orations of Michael Psellos

Elizabeth A. Fisher (The George Washington University), The Hagiographic Orations of Michael Psellos: A Critical Edition

Jakov Nikolaevič Ljubarskij (Leningrad University), The History of Byzantine Historiography (6th–11th Centuries)

Leslie S.B. MacCoull (Society for Coptic Archaeology [North America]), Sixth-Century Papyri from Aphrodito and Hermopolis

Gelian Prokhorov (Academy of Sciences of the USSR), Byzantine Philosophical Literature in Slavonic Translations

John Philip Thomas (San Francisco, California), Byzantine Monastic Foundation Documents: Edition, Annotation, and Commentary

S. Yıldız Ötüken (Hacettepe Universitesi), Studies on Byzantine Architecture in Cappadocia and Church of St. Nicholas at Myra

Junior Fellows

John A. Cotsonis (The Pennsylvania State University), Iconography of Byzantine Lead Seals: A Society and its Images

Derek Krueger (Princeton University), The Life of Symeon the Fool and its Late Antique Context

Charles E. Nicklies (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), The Architecture of the Church of SS. Pietro e Paolo d'Agro

Eric Perl (Yale University), Methexis: Creation, Incarnation, Deification in St. Maximus Confessor

Summer Fellows

Lyudmila Avilushkina (Leningrad State University), Michael Glykas' 'Chronicle': Its Role in the History of Byzantine Culture and Its Fate in the Post-Byzantine Period

Vassa Contoumas-Conticello (Université de Paris-Sorbonne), The Survival of Chalcedonian Orthodoxy in the Territories Lost by Byzantium in the First Centuries of the Muslim Conquest: Ioannes Damascenus (8th c.) and Theodorus Abu Qurra (9th c.)

Kate Cooper (Princeton University), The Uses of Chrysostom's Authority in the Fifth-Century Latin West

Susanna Elm (University of California, Berkeley), Virgins of God: The Development of Female Asceticism in Fourth-Century Asia Minor and Egypt

George Kakavas (University of Athens), Dionysios of Fourna: His Life and Works

Charles Conrad Leyser (Merton College), A Comparison of Gregory the Great and St. Basil as Monastic Writers

George Makris (Aschaffenburg, Germany), Reedition of the Vita of St. Gregory the Decapolite

Liliana Mavrodinova (Ivan Dujčev Center for Slavo-Byzantine Studies), Characteristics and Development of the Iconography of the Gospel Cycle in Bulgarian Wall Painting, 10th to the End of the 14th Centuries

Angeliki Mitsani (Byzantine Museum of Athens), Centers of Production of Illustrated Manuscripts in Constantinople during the Second Half of the 11th Century

Daphne Papadatou (University of Thessaloniki), Institutions of Distributive Justice in the Paleologan Period

Anastassia Papadia-Lala (University of Athens), Social Policy and Charity in Venetian Crete (1204–1669)

Dora Piguet-Panayotova (Paris, France), The Temple of Iskhan: Cultural Patrimony and Architectural Creation

Chryssoula Ranoutsaki (Iraklion, Crete), A Contribution to the Study of the Melismos: Its Symbolism, Function, and Relation to Other Liturgical Themes

Robert Schick (American Center of Oriental Research, Jordan), Christianity in Southern Jordan During the Byzantine and Early Islamic Periods

Tatiana Vladyshevskaja (Moscow Conservatory), Russian Musical Semiography and its Byzantine Sources

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