Byzantine Studies Fellows, 2000–4

Fellows and Visiting Scholars in Byzantine Studies at Dumbarton Oaks


Visiting Scholar

Ioli Kalavrezou

Associate Fellow

Irfan Shahîd


Ralf Behrwald (Universität Bamberg), The City as Museum?: Concepts of Urbs Roma in Late Antiquity

Maria Evangelatou (Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens), The Illustration of the Ninth-Century Byzantine Marginal Psalters: Layers of Meaning and their Sources

Peter Galadza (Saint Paul University, Ottawa), Funeral Rites in the Byzantine Tradition, the Fourth to Sixteenth Centuries: The History of Liturgical Units and their Theological Interpretation

John Monfasani (University at Albany [SUNY], Spring), The Plato-Aristotle Controversy of the Fifteenth Century

Margaret E. Mullett (Queen's University, Belfast, Fall), The Life of Cyril Phileotes by Nicholas Kataskepenos

Lioba Theis (Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn), Light and Lighting in Early Christian and Byzantine Churches

Junior Fellows

Vasileios Marinis (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), The Monastery tou Libos: Architecture, Sculpture, and Liturgical Planning in Middle and Late Byzantine Constantinople

Alicia Simpson (King's College London, Fall), Studies on the Composition of Niketas Choniates' Historia

Gregory A. Smith (Harvard University), A Cultural History of the Soul in Late Antiquity

Alicia Walker (Harvard University, Spring), Insatiable Enjoyment: Islamic Elements in Middle Byzantine Secular Art and Aesthetics

Summer Fellows

Pietro Bortone (Princeton University / Oxford University), The History of Greek Prepositions
Catherine Cubitt (The University of York), The Monothelite Controversy of the Seventh Century

Antonia Giannouli (University of Cyprus), Byzantine Commentaries on Ecclesiastical Hymns

Oren Gutfeld (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), The Cardo and the Nea Church on the Southwestern Hill of Jerusalem: A Stratigraphic and Architectural Analysis

Mara Mason (Ca'Foscari University, Venice), The Wall Mosaics of San Giusto in Trieste and their Relationships with Byzantine Art

Fatih Onur (Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey), Military Reforms of Anastasios I, on the Basis of a New Inscription from Perge

Anthousa Papagiannaki (University of Oxford), Byzantine Ivory and Bone Caskets with Secular Decoration, 9th to 12th Centuries

Denis M. Searby (University of Stockholm), A Critical Edition and Translation of Demetrios Kydones' Apology for Thomas of Aquinas

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Visiting Scholar

Sümer Atasoy

John Duffy (Harvard University)

Associate Fellow

Irfan Shahîd


Franz Alto Bauer (Istituto Archeologico Germanico, Rome, Fall), Gifts as a Means of Demonstrating Cultural Superiority: Byzantium and the Ottonian Empire

Joachim Henning (Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main), The Franks and Byzantium: Economic Roots and Technological Basis of Agrarian Structures and Ruling Forms in Early Medieval Europe's West and East. A Comparative Study Based on Archaeological Sources

Sofia Kotzabassi (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Spring), The Encomia of Saint Theodosia of Constantinople. A Critical Edition and Commentary

Emmanuel Papoutsakis (Athens, Greece), The Syriac Literary Background of Romanos the Melodist

Tatiana Pentkovskaya (Moscow State University), The Life of Basil the Younger (BHG 263). The Oldest Version in the Byzantine and Slavic Tradition: Critical Edition and Word Index of the Parallel Slavic and Greek Texts

Linda Safran (The Catholic University of America), Art and Identity in Medieval Southern Italy

Junior Fellows

Nikolas Bakirtzis, (Princeton University), Prodromos Monastery on Mount Menoikion near Serres: A Topography of Monastic Life

Jonathan P. Conant (Harvard University), Vandals, Moors, and Byzantines: Romanitas and the Cultural Transformation of the North African Elite, c. 400–c. 650

Aaron P. Johnson (University of Colorado at Boulder), Ethnic Argumentation in Eusebius of Caesarea's Praeparatio Evangelica

Summer Fellows

Francesca Dell'Acqua (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa), Glass in the Architectural Decoration of Late Roman and Early Byzantine Architecture: The Influence on the Medieval West

Evangelia Hadjitryphonos (European Center of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments, Thessalonike), Architecture of the Church of Hagia Aikaterini in Thessaloniki and Architecture of the Church of Moni Vlatadon

Peter Hatlie (University of Dallas in Rome), Monasticism in Constantinople, c. 450–850

Ivan Jordanov (Archaeological Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Science), Corpus of the Byzantine Seals from Bulgaria, Part 1: The Byzantine Seals with Geographical Names

Michaela Konrad (Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Munich), The Northern Necropolis of Resafa: Burial Customs on the Syrian Border from the Third to the Sixth Century A.D. and the Evidence for the Local History of Resafa

Jaclyn L. Maxwell (Western Michigan University), Preaching to the Converted: John Chrysostom and his Audience in Antioch

Glenn Peers (University of Texas at Austin), The Manuscripts of Angelos Vergecios: Art, Humanism and Byzantine Natural History in Sixteenth-Century France

Vladimir Vavrinek (Slavonic Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences), The Breakdown of the Unity of the Classical World and the Formation of Medieval Eastern Europe

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Visiting Scholar

Elka Bakalova (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Spring)

Associate Fellow

Irfan Shahîd


Nicholas Constas (Harvard University, Fall), Proclus of Constantinople and the Cult of the Virgin in the Fifth Century

Sharon E. J. Gerstel (University of Maryland, Spring), Painting the Sacred House: An Examination of Village Churches and Lay Piety in Late Byzantium

Dorotei N. Getov (Ivan Dujcev Centre for Slavo-Byzantine Studies, Sofia), Study of Related Literature for a Comprehensive Catalogue of the 150 Greek Liturgical Manuscripts in the Library of the Ivan Dujcev Centre

Maria G. Parani (Nicosia, Cyprus), Realia in Byzantine Legal Documents, 11th–15th Centuries

Aleksei Pentkovsky (Moscow Theological Academy), Byzantine Monastic Liturgical Typika (Ⅸ–ⅩⅣ c.)

Ioanna Rapti (Paris, France, Spring), Armenian Liturgical Illumination: King Hethum's Lectionary (Matenadaran 979)

Peter van Minne (Leuven University, Fall), Contextualizing Early Christianity in Egypt

Junior Fellows

Elena N. Boeck (Yale University), The Art of Being Byzantine: History, Ritual, and Visual Narrative in the Madrid Skylitzes

Sarah T. Brooks (New York University, Institute of Fine Arts), Commemoration of the Dead: Late Byzantine Tomb Decoration (Mid-13th to Mid-15th Centuries)

Cecily J. Hilsdale (University of Chicago), Diplomacy by Design: Rhetorical Strategies of the Byzantine Gift

Christopher MacEvitt (Princeton University), Crusaders and Local Christian Communities, 1097–1187

Warren T. Woodfin (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Late Byzantine Embroidered Vestments and the Iconography of Sacerdotal Power

Summer Fellows

Margarethe Billerbeck (University of Fribourg), The General Introduction to a Critical Edition of Stephanus of Byzantium, Ethnika

Florin Curta (University of Florida), Barbarian Ethnicities and the Early Byzantine Frontier (ca. 400–600)

Gregorios A. Ioannides (Galata, Cyprus), The Byzantine Liturgical Tradition in the Geographical Area of Cyprus: Euchology Manuscripts from Cyprus

Olga Karagiorgou (University of Oxford), The Sigillographic Corpus of the Theme of Hellas

Peter Martens (University of Notre Dame), The Philocalia in the Philosophic Life of the Cappadocians

Victor Spinei (Institutul de Arheologie, Iasi, Romania), The Cumans and their Contacts with South-Eastern European Peoples in the 11th–14th Centuries

Antonios Tsakalos (University of Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne), The Rock-Cut Monastic Complex of Karanlik Kilise in the Göreme Valley: Religious Art, Secular Donors

Diana G. Wright (Washington, DC), The Greek Correspondence of Bartolomeo Minio Vol. 1: Dispacci from Nauplion, 1479–1483

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Visiting Scholar

Johannes Koder (University of Vienna, Spring)

Associate Fellow

Irfan Shahîd


Gunnar Brands (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Spring), Late Antique Cities of Northeastern Syria and their Architecture

Leslie Brubaker (The University of Birmingham, Spring), Iconoclasm

Sophia Kalopissi-Verti (University of Athens, Fall), The Mural Paintings in the Narthex of the Church of the Virgin Phorbiotissa at Asinou, Cyprus (1332–1333)

Hassan S. Khalilieh (University of Haifa), Maritime Law in the Mediterranean during the 8th–11th Centuries: Islamic vis à vis Byzantine Laws – a Comparative Study

Maria Mavroudi (Stuttgart, Germany), Three Catalogues on Graeco-Arabica, 7th–16th Century: A List of Bilingual Individuals; A List of Bilingual Manuscripts; A List of Translations from Arabic into Greek

Franz Tinnefeld (Universität München, Fall), A Historical Commentary to the Last 110 Letters (1387–1396) of the Byzantine Statesman, Demetrios Kydones

Junior Fellows

Karin Krause (Universität München, Fall), The Illustration of the Homilies of John Chrysostom in the 11th and 12th Centuries

Caroline Macé (Université Catholique de Louvain), The Construction of a Cultural Identity in Byzantium: The Case of Gregory Nazianzen

Bissera V. Pentcheva (Harvard University), Images of the Virgin and their Public in Middle Byzantine Constantinople

Alexander Rentel (Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome), A Critical Edition of the 14th Century Patriarchal Liturgical Diataxis of Dimitrios Gemistos

Pablo Ubierna (University of Paris [Panthéon-Sorbonne]), The Byzantine Apocalypses from 7th to 12th Centuries

Summer Fellows

Massimo Bernabò (Università di Firenze), The Illustrations in the Manuscripts of Job Vat. Gr. 749 and Marc. 538

Smiljka Gabelić (University of Belgrade), The Monastery at Konce

Ferhan Kırlıdökme (Ankara University), Laonikos Chalkokondyles: Relations between Byzantium and the Ottoman State (1421–1463), Translation and Commentary of the Demonstrations of Histories, Books Ⅴ–Ⅹ

Richard Layton (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Redefining Virtue: Didymus the Blind and Ascetic Scholasticism in Late Antique Alexandria

Angel Nicolaou-Konnar (University of Cyprus), The Chronicle of Leontios Makhairas: A Study of its Sources and Nature with Relation to Byzantine and Western Historiography

Maria Panayotidi-Kesisoglou (University of Athens), Art in the Villages and the Problem of Local Workshops

Werner Seibt (Universität Wien), Byzantine Sigillography

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