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Byzantine Studies Fellows, 2008/09

Fellows in Byzantine Studies at Dumbarton Oaks, Fellowship Reports, and Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars

Jonathan Shepard

John Haldon (Princeton University)

Byzantine Fellows - 2008/09


Rina Avner, The Church of the Kathisma on the Jerusalem-Bethlehem Road: Archaeological, Art Historical and Historical Study

Marina Bazzani, A Literary, Linguistic, and Historical Analysis of the Poems of Manuel Philes

Myriam Hecquet-Devienne, Byzantine Editors and History of Text Transmission: Inquiry on a Crucial Period for the Aristotelian Corpus

Panagiotis Roilos (Spring), Ancient Greek and Christian Rhetorical Tradition in the Work of Ioannes Sikeliotes

Isabella Sandwell (Spring), Pragmatics, Preaching and Social Change in Late Antiquity: The Sermons of John Chrysostom

Junior Fellows

Fotini Kondyli, Late Byzantine Rural Sites in the North Aegean: Their Archaeology and Distribution Patterns

Yuliya Minets, Constructing Ideas of Christian Life: The Strategies of Interpretation of the Biblical Texts by Palladius of Hellenopolis

Vitalijs Permjakovs, The Origins and Evolution of the Byzantine Rite for the Consecration of Churches

Jeanne-Nicole Saint-Laurent, Apostolic Memories: Religious Differentiation and the Construction of Orthodoxy in Syriac Missionary Literature

Summer Fellows

Mine Esmer, Proposals for the Conservation of the Middle Byzantine Period Monuments of Istanbul and their Neighborhoods

Réka Forrai, Greek in the West: The Medieval Papacy and the Western Translation Projects

Michael John Jeffreys, Lead Seals in Dumbarton Oaks and the Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire

Andreas Rhoby, Byzantine Epigrams on Icons and Objects of Minor Arts

Ufuk Serin, Late Antique and Byzantine Rural Settlements in Caria (Western Asia Minor) in the Light of New Archaeological Evidence

Antonios Tsakalos, The Rock-Cut Monastery of Karanlık Kilise in the Göreme Valley: Monasticism, Art and Patronage in Byzantine Cappadocia

Ivan Yordanov, Corpus of the Byzantine Seals from Bulgaria, Volume 3


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