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Ancient Greek and Christian Rhetorical Tradition in the Work of Ioannes Sikeliotes

Panagiotis Roilos, Harvard University, Fellow 2008/09

During my fellowship at Dumbarton Oaks during the spring semester of 2009 I studied the influence of ancient Greek rhetoric and Christian literary tradition in the work of Ioannes Sikeliotes (late 10th–early 11th c.). Ioannes Sikeliotes is the author of the most extensive, innovative, and influential Byzantine commentary (almost 500 pages in C. Walz's monumental but occasionally problematic edition) on Hermogenes' Peri Ideon. My research has focused on Sikeliotes' dialogue not only with Hermogenes but also with Plato (especially his Gorgias), Ailios Aristeides, the Neoplatonist Olympiodoros, and Gregorios of Nazianzos. In addition, I continued working on my translation of Sikeliotes' commentary and have completed the translation of more than half of this work. I have also identified a number of problematic readings in Walz's edition, which I shall take into account in my future edition of Sikeliotes' commentary.


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Byzantine Studies Fellows, 2008/09