Byzantine Studies Fellows, 2010/11

Fellows in Byzantine Studies at Dumbarton Oaks, Fellowship Reports, and Visiting Scholars.

Byzantine Fellows - 2010/11

Visiting Scholars

Nancy Ševčenko

Robin Cormack (University of Cambridge)


Dimiter G. Angelov (Spring), The Byzantine Hellene: Emperor Theodore II Laskaris and the Transformation of Byzantine Culture after 1204

Mark C. Bartusis, Warfare in Later Byzantium

Ildiko Csepregi (Fall), Temple Sleep from Antiquity to Byzantium: Healing, Dreaming, and Storytelling

Veronica della Dora (Spring), Mapping Sacred Landscapes in Byzantium

Réka Forrai, Papal Involvement in the Spread of Greek Culture to the Medieval Latin West

Manfred Kraus (Fall), The Byzantine Aftermath of Aphthonius's Progymnasmata

Aglae Pizzone, Imagine There's a Tragelaph: Phantasia and Aesthetics in the Middle Byzantine Period (IX–XII Century)

Peter Sarris (Fall), Agrarian Change in Byzantium, c.630–1204

Kostas Yiavis, The Vernacular Byzantine Translations and the Medieval European Romance, 1350–1550

Junior Fellows

Heather Badamo, Icons of Military Saints in Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean: Image and Community in the 9th–13th Centuries

Annie Labatt, In Search of the "Eastern" Image: Sacred Painting in Eighth and Ninth Century Rome

Alexander More (Spring), State and Health in the Medieval Mediterranean at the Origins of Welfare Policy, 1150–1350

Summer Fellows

Margaret B. Alexiou, Ptochoprodromika: Edition, Translation, Commentary, with Introduction

Sarah T. Brooks, The Art of Death in Byzantium: Funerary Art and Architecture, 1204–1453

Ana Cabrera L., Characterization of Coptic Textiles: The Collection of the Textile and Clothing Museum of Barcelona

Mariachiara Giorda, Retelling the Family: Blood Ties in Egyptian Monasticism (IV–VII Centuries)

Alexander L. Lingas, A New Historical Introduction to Byzantine Chant

Przemysław Marciniak, A Commentary and Translation of the Three Byzantine Dramtia: Katomyomachia, Dramation, and Bion Prasis

Sergei Mariev, Optics and Aesthetics in Theodoros Metochites

Alberto Rigolio, The Syriac Translation Movement: Shaping Greek Education for a Christian Society

Svetlana Sobkovitch, The Marian Prefigurations in Byzantine Art: Evolution of the Main Types

Oğuz Tekin, Late Roman and Byzantine Weights in the Collection of the Istanbul Archaeology Museum


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