Byzantine Studies Fellows, 2011/12

Byzantine Fellows, Academic Year 2011/12 and Spring 2012

Visiting Scholars

Panagiotis Agapitos (University of Cyprus)

Averil Cameron (University of Oxford)


Simone Beta (Fall), Enigmatic Literature in Byzantium: Authors and Texts

Asa Eger (Spring), The Islamic-Byzantine Frontier: Interaction and Exchange among Muslim and Christian Communities

Kateryna Kovalchuk, Discovering the Hagiography of St. Sophia: The Byzantine Diegesis and Encaenia of the Constantinopolitan Church

Johannes Pahlitzsch (Fall), Greek Orthodox Christians in Jerusalem under Mamluk Rule

Kostis Smyrlis, Diminished Sovereignty? Late Byzantine Taxation and State Finances from the Twelfth to the Fifteenth Centuries

Michele Trizio, Philosophy and Theology under the Komnenoi: The Case of Eustratios of Nicaea

Junior Fellows

Daniel Galadza, The Liturgical Byzantinization of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem (Eighth–Thirteenth Centuries)

Divna Manolova, Paradigms of Knowledge in Nikephoros Gregoras’ Epistolary Collection

Nebojša Stanković, Late-Byzantine Narthexes (litai) on Mount Athos: Architecture, Liturgy, Patronage

Nikos Tsivikis, The Settlement of Byzantine Messene: From Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages in the Southern Balkans, 500–800 AD

Jeffrey Wickes, Out of Books, A World: The Scriptural Poetics of Ephrem's Hymns on Faith

William R. Tyler Fellows

Jakub Kabala, Frontier Spaces: Eastern Europe, 800–1000 AD

Konstantina Karterouli, Mimesis and Identity: Byzantium in the Holy Roman Empire, ca. 1100–1250

Summer Fellows

Nadia Ali, Umayyad Illustrated Calendars and their Late Antique Sources: A Comparative Study

Sarah Craft, Dynamic Landscapes in Late Antique and Byzantine Anatolia: Pilgrimage, Travel Infrastructure, and Landscape Archaeology

Emanuel Fiano, Controversy in Context: Christianity in Edessa in the Second Half of the Fourth Century

Ksenia Lobovikova, George of Trebizond and his Martyrology of St. Andreas of Chios: Edition, Translation, Commentaries

Philipp Niewöhner, An Early Byzantine Area in the Necropolis of Miletus

Ioanna Rapti, An Armenian Ekphrasis on a Late 10th-Century Byzantine Reliquary of the True Cross

Juan Signes Codoñer, Isocrates in Byzantium

Ida Toth, The Cambridge Handbook to Byzantine Epigraphy

Luca Zavagno, An Island in Transition: History of Cyprus in the Early Middle Ages (ca. 500–800 A.D.)


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