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Critical Edition with Commentary of the Dialogue of Athanasius and Zacchaeus

Patrick Andrist, Université de Fribourg, Summer Fellow

In recent years, the Dialogue of Athanasius and Zacchaeus (CPG 2301) has attracted great attention from the scholarly community because of its historical importance. This contra Iudaeos text, composed in Greek in Egypt, probably between 384 and 388, is a crucial witness to the early history of the relationships between Christians and Jews. Besides, it is one of the very few texts written by an Apollinarian author that have been preserved. In addition it also uses the lost report of an early pilgrimage in the area of Jerusalem, and it is one of the two only (indirect) witnesses to the disputed lost source TAZ that it shares with the Dialogue of Timothy and Aquila (CPG 7794), and is most improbably identified by some with the Dialogue of Jason and Papiscus (CPG 1101). Yet, so far, the original Greek text is available only in the edition of Conybeare (1898), which is uncritical, and, therefore, unreliable. This is why I am preparing a new Greek edition of this text, based on the four extant Greek manuscripts and the Armenian tradition. Thanks to the wonderful library of Dumbarton Oaks and the possibility of interlibrary loan and scan-and-deliver, I was able to revise the apparatus efficiently and gather more material for the future commentary. For example, small details in books I could not find until now, like the Νεοελληνικὰ θρησκευτικὰ ἀλφαβητάρια of Helenis Kakoulidi, could be checked in no time in DO thanks to the help of the librarian for Byzantine Studies. Or, deeper problems, like the relationship between “my” text and the writings of the Cappadocian fathers, could be re-thought in a new manner. The critical edition will be published in the Corpus Christianorum Series Graeca.


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