Byzantine Studies Fellows, 2013/14

Fellows in Byzantine Studies at Dumbarton Oaks, Fellowship Reports, and Visiting Scholars.

Visiting Scholars

Peter Brown (Princeton University)

Anthony Cutler (Pennsylvania State University)


Ivan Drpić (University of Washington), Art and Epigram in Byzantium, 1100–1450

Dimitris Kastritsis (University of St Andrews), Byzantines, Ottomans, and Others in the Last Century of Byzantium, 1354–1453

Ekaterina Nechaeva (American Academy in Rome), Defection and Freedom: Long-Term Cross-Border Movements of Individuals in the Late Antique World

Foteini Spingou (University of Oxford), Anonymous Poems and Epigrams from ms. Marcianus gr. 524. Edition and Translation.

Tolga Uyar (Orient & Méditerranée, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), Art and Society in the Land of Rum: Thirteenth-Century "Byzantine" Paintings in Cappadocia

Elena Velkova Velkovska (University of Siena), The Byzantine Liturgical Gospel between Constantinople and Jerusalem

Junior Fellows

Nathan Leidholm (University of Chicago), Political Families in Byzantium: The Social and Cultural Significance of Genos as Kin Group, ca. 900–1150

Jordan Pickett (University of Pennsylvania), Water after Antiquity: The Transformation of Roman Water Management in the Late Antique Eastern Mediterranean

AnnaLinden Weller (Rutgers University), Imagining Pre-Modern Imperialism: The Letters of Byzantine Imperial Agents outside the Metropole

William R. Tyler Fellows

Merih Danali (Harvard University, Spring), Negotiating Self-Representation and Cultural Identity: Artistic and Cultural Responses to the Byzantine-Ottoman Encounter (1300–1453)

Saskia Dirkse (Harvard University), Asceticism, Orality, and Textual Transmission in the Spiritual Meadow of John Moschus

Julian Yolles (Harvard University), Latin Culture in the Crusader States (1099–1187)

Summer Fellows

Maria Doerfler (Duke University), The Death of Strangers and the Life of the Community in Eastern Christian Thought

Mircea Duluș (Central European University, Budapest), Philagathos of Cerami: Greek Culture, Monastic Renewal, and Politics at the Court of Roger II (1130–54) and William I (1154–66)

Meaghan McEvoy (Corpus Christi College, Oxford), The Politics of Incompetence? The "Feeble" Theodosian Emperors and Why They Matter

Inmaculada Pérez Martín (Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, Madrid), The Byzantine Reception of Michael Psellos's De omnifaria doctrina, as Shown by its Manuscripts

Marka Tomic Djuric (Institute for Balkan Studies, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade), Displaying Liturgical Poetry: The Church of Marko's Monastery near Skopje

Warren Woodfin (Queens College, CUNY), Byzantium and the Kipchaks: Material and Military Contacts

Nektarios Zarras (University of the Aegean), Image and Narration in Byzantium: New Testament Cycles in Palaiologan Monumental Painting


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