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To Live and Die in a Turbulent Era: Bioarchaeological Analysis of the Proto-Byzantine Population from Sourtara Galaniou Kozanis, North Greece (6th–7th Centuries AD)
Chryssi Bourbou, 28th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities, Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Rethymnon, Greece, Project Grant 2006/07
Interim Field Report of Work at White Monastery 12 December 2006–24 January 2007: White Monastery Federation Project
Darlene Brooks Hedstrom, Wittenberg University, Project Grant 2006/07
The Egyptian Delta Monastic Archaeology Project: John the Little: Season 2 (May 14–June 16, 2007)
Stephen J. Davis, Darlene Brooks Hedstrom, Dawn McCormack, and Gillian Pyke, Project Grant 2006/07
Amorium Excavations 2006
Christopher S. Lightfoot, Department of Greek and Roman Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Project Grant 2006/07

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