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Archaeological Excavation in the Early Byzantine District in Gortyn (Crete): Preliminary Report on the 2011 Field Season
Enrico Zanini, Università di Siena, Project Grant 2011/12
Forgotten Heritage II: Study and Documentation of the Church of Mar Elias Btina in Beirut (Lebanon) and Its Wall Paintings
Tomasz Waliszewski, University of Warsaw, and Krzysztof Chmielewski, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Project Grant 2011/12
The Techniques and Materials of the Wall Paintings at the Enkleistra of St. Neophytos (Phase II)
Ioanna Kakoulli and Christian Fischer, University of California Los Angeles, Project Grant 2011/12
Excavations of the Byzantine-Period Levels at Kilise Tepe 2011: Preliminary Report on the Final Excavation Season
M. P. C. Jackson, Newcastle University, Project Grant 2011/12

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