Koukoulli and Fischer 2011/12, Fig. 5

Koukoulli and Fischer 2011/12, Fig. 5

UV/Vis/NIR reflectance spectra of a reference celadonite mineral sample from Cyprus and an unknown green paint sample from the Enkleistra. UV/Vis/NIR provided the exact identification of celadonite with the speciation of the iron (Fe) compounds showing a broad absorption between 540 and 750 nm indicative of the d-d ligand-field and intervalence charge-transfer (IVCT) transitions in the visible region of the chromophors Fe^+2 and Fe^+3 and by the overtones and combination bands of the structural OH (octahedral site, bound to a cation) stretching and bending vibrations and H2O stretching and bending vibrations in the near infrared region.



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The Techniques and Materials of the Wall Paintings at the Enkleistra of St. Neophytos (Phase II)