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Publishing with Dumbarton Oaks

Resources for authors and editors, and information about the series in Byzantine Studies published by Dumbarton Oaks

We currently publish the annual journal Dumbarton Oaks Papers and three other series. Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library (DOML), which includes series in Byzantine Greek, Old English, and Medieval Latin, is published by Harvard University Press. Interested translators should contact for more information.

Resources for Authors and Editors

Byzantine Studies Series

A full list of volumes available for purchase and online may be found in Publications and Online Resources or at the Harvard University Press website.

Dumbarton Oaks Papers

The annual journal Dumbarton Oaks Papers was founded in 1941 for the publication of articles relating to late antique, early medieval, and Byzantine civilization in the fields of art and architecture, history, archeology, literature, theology, law, and the auxiliary disciplines. Numerous maps, tables, illustrations, and color plates provide supplementary information for many of the articles.

Initial submissions to Dumbarton Oaks Papers should be sent to .

Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Symposia and Colloquia

In most years, selected papers from the annual Byzantine Studies Symposium are published in this series. Occasionally, papers from symposia will be published in Dumbarton Oaks Papers.

Dumbarton Oaks Studies

Volumes in this series are substantial treatments of a major topic in archaeology, art history, history, literature, or thought. They may include texts and translations. Sometimes a volume in the Dumbarton Oaks Studies series will complement a critical edition in the Dumbarton Oaks Texts series.

We welcome proposals, which may be sent to .

Dumbarton Oaks Texts

The Washington series of the international Corpus Fontium Historiae Byzantinae (CFHB) is published by Dumbarton Oaks. Texts in this series usually comprise critical editions with facing translation, together with introduction and notes or commentary.

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