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Scholarly Events


Fall 2014 Colloquium, Landscape and Sacred Architecture in Pre-modern South Asia

Spring 2015 Symposium, River Cities: Historical and Contemporary

Past Events


Spring 2014 Symposium, Sound and Scent in the Garden

Spring 2014 Public Lecture, How to Read the Chinese Garden? Qianlong Emperor’s Retreat in the Forbidden City

Fall 2013 Colloquium, Travel and Translation


    Spring 2013 Symposium, Cultural Landscape Heritage in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Spring 2013 Colloquium, Working with Farrand/ Farrand at Work

    Spring 2013 Film Screening, Susan Vogel, The Future of Mud: A Tale of Houses and Lives in Djenne

    Spring 2013 Public Lecture, Lawrence Buell, Director's Visiting Scholar, Gardens and the Work of Environmental Memory

    Fall 2012 Public Lecture, Stephen Whiteman, History and Memory in the Manchu Imperial Park of Bishu Shanzhuang

    Fall 2012 Talk, Alberta Campitelli, Management and conservation in the historic villas and gardens of Rome



    Spring 2012 Symposium,   Food and the City

    Spring 2012 Public Lecture, Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot, 'Cloud Terrace' artists

    Spring 2012 Public Lecture, Peter Walker, Before the Memorial

    Fall 2011, Suzanne Blier, Landscapes of Enchantment: Cosmology, Ritual and Ideas of Place in the Ancient Yaruba City-State


    Spring 2011 Symposium,  Technology and the Garden

    Spring 2011 Public Lecture, Peter Galison, Waste and Wilderness

    Spring 2011 Public Lecture, John Dixon Hunt, The Role of History in Contemporary Landscape Architecture

    Fall 2010 Public Lecture, Patrick Dougherty, Primitive Ways in an Accelerated World

    Fall 2010 Colloquium, Lawrence Halprin


    2010 Symposium, Designing Wildlife Habitats

    Spring 2010 Public Lecture, Ratish Nanda, Restoring Humayun's Tomb, Delhi & Bagh-e Babur, Kabul

    Spring 2010 Film Screening, John Walsh, Museum Sculpture Gardens: A Brief Illustrated History

    Fall 2009 Public Lecture, Dianne Harris, A Second Suburb: The Landscape of Levittown, PA

    Fall 2009 Public Lecture, Ken Smith, biglittleskipthemiddle



    2009 Symposium, The Interlacing of Words and Things in Gardens and Landscapes: Beyond Nature and Culture

    Spring 2009 Public Lecture, Peter del Tredici, Wild Urban Plants

    Fall 2008 Public Lecture, Beth Meyer, Sustaining Beauty: The Performance of Appearance

    Fall 2008 Public Lecture, Kongjian Yu, The New Vernacular: Redefining Urbanity in Contemporary China



    2007 Symposium,  Recent Issues in Italian Garden Studies: Sources, Methods, and Theoretical Perspectives

    2007 Symposium,  Middle East Garden Traditions: Unity and Diversity; Questions, Methods, and Resources in a Multicultural Perspective

    2006 Symposium, Archaeology of Garden Imagination

    2005 Symposium, Existence and Experience in Contemporary Garden Design

    2004 Symposium, Botanical Progress, Horticultural Innovations, and Cultural Changes

    2003 Symposium, Lay Ritual Practices in Gardens and Landscapes

    2002 Symposium, Sacred Ritual Practices in Gardens and Landscapes

    2001 Symposium, Social Reception of Baroque Gardens

    2000 Symposium, Landscape Design and the Experience of Motion

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