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Current and Former Dumbarton Oaks Humanities Fellows


Ariana Chaivaranon

National Gallery of Art

Julie Estrada

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Lindiwe Makgalemele

National Museum of Natural History

Catherine Polik

George Washington Museum and Textile Museum

Charles Webb

Folger Shakespeare Library


Andrés Álvarez Dávila

Andrés Álvarez DávilaFolger Shakespeare Library

Andrés Álvarez Dávila concentrated in Romance studies with a focus on French and Spanish Literature, and completed significant coursework in the Graduate School of Design and the Classics Department. He was involved in on-campus publications, primarily doing design and layouts.

He will spend his fellowship year working on exhibitions at the Folger Shakespeare Library and at Dumbarton Oaks.

Erica Eisen

Erica EisenThe George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum

Erica Eisen graduated from Harvard College in 2016 with a degree in the history of art and architecture, after which she pursued an MA in Buddhist art history and conservation from the Courtauld Institute of Art as a Frank Knox Memorial Fellow. Her main area of research was the relationship between Japanese nationalism and heritage conservation.

Eisen’s work as a humanities fellow will focus on preparations for an upcoming special exhibition on Byzantine textiles from Egypt, a joint effort of Dumbarton Oaks and The Textile Museum.

Michael Kennedy-Yoon

Michael Kennedy-YoonNational Museum of Natural History

Michael Kennedy-Yoon graduated from Harvard College in 2017 with a degree in visual environmental studies, and a secondary degree in economics. He was heavily involved with humor writing through Satire V and sang with Harvard Glee Club.

He will be involved with curricula generation in the paleontology department at the National Museum of Natural History. At Dumbarton Oaks, he will be a part of outreach projects designed to make the institution’s extensive collections available to all.

Adela Kim

Adela KimNational Gallery of Art

Adela Kim received her AB from Harvard College in the history of art and architecture with a secondary in Germanic studies. She wrote her senior thesis on Marcel Duchamp’s Rotoreliefs, focusing on how the work critiques issues of abstraction, such as collective reception and mass distribution. She also worked for the Radcliffe Institute and the Harvard Crimson.

At the National Gallery of Art, she will work in the department of photography for the exhibition The New Woman Behind the Camera, slated for spring 2019. At Dumbarton Oaks, she will help catalogue Frank Kidner’s photographs of the Dead Cites region outside Aleppo, Syria.

Abby Westover

Abby WestoverFolger Shakespeare Library

Abby Westover graduated from Harvard College in 2017 with a degree in history and literature, focusing on medieval Britain and France. She wrote her thesis on the portrayal and perception of women’s hair in the later Middle Ages. In addition to her academic studies, she gave historical tours of campus and played in a student band.

At the Folger Shakespeare Library, Westover will work with their exhibitions and conservation efforts. Back at Dumbarton Oaks, she will be working on the Ephemera Collection to create an exhibition focusing on French and Italian garden designs, their popularization at the turn of the twentieth century, and their influence on the Dumbarton Oaks Gardens.

Faye Zhang

Faye ZhangSmithsonian Folkways Recordings

Faye Yan Zhang is a 2017 graduate from Harvard College, where she studied English literature and creative writing. She also studied and worked in the visual arts with a focus on sequential art (comics), painting, and documentary. She is an aspiring comics artist and documentary video director.

She will be based at the Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, working with ethnomusicology and the Folkways record label. She will also contribute to the Mapping Cultural Philanthropy project while at Dumbarton Oaks.


Priyanka Menon

Priyanka MenonFolger Shakespeare Library

Priyanka Menon concentrated in mathematics and completed a secondary in history. She wrote her thesis on a problem at the intersection of set theory and collective choice.

At the Folger, Menon worked as a research assistant to the Director, Michael Witmore, and investigated the relationship between social justice and the humanities. At Dumbarton Oaks, she worked on the Mapping Cultural Philanthropy project, which documents the history of cultural philanthropy in Washington, DC.

After her fellowship at Dumbarton Oaks, Menon will begin graduate study at Harvard.

Rebecca Rosen

Rebecca RosenThe George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum

Rebecca Rosen graduated from Harvard College in 2015 with a degree in neurobiology. Her research focused on sensory transduction and the development of the inner ear. She was also heavily involved in theater at Harvard, working primarily in lighting design and production.

In her work this term at the Textile Museum, Rosen was involved with exhibition planning and curatorial research, and had the opportunity to study Byzantine and early Islamic textiles. In her time at Dumbarton Oaks, she was a part of digitization projects related to the textiles and coins in the Byzantine Collection and helped with the reinstallation of the museum.

After her fellowship, Rosen will begin a ten-week term as the 2017 Dufresne Scholar Award Intern at the C. M. Russell Museum in Great Falls, Montana.

John Wang

John WangNational Gallery of Art

John Wang graduated with a concentration in history of art and architecture from Harvard College, where he also worked as a student guide at the Harvard Art Museums. His senior thesis focused on the design and aspects of monumentality in the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, designed by architect Louis Kahn.

As a Humanities Fellow, Wang worked at the National Gallery of Art, where he was a research assistant in the department of exhibition programs for the exhibitions on Andrea del Verrocchio and Genoa in the Baroque age. At Dumbarton Oaks, he organized the rare book exhibition City Water/City Life as a part of the Mellon Initiative in Urban Landscape Studies.

After his fellowship year, Wang will be pursuing a master’s in architecture at Harvard Graduate School of Design.