Emil Fischer

Sibiu, Romania (Photographer, Editor)
Emil Fischer (1873–1965) was a Romanian photographer in Sibiu (Nagyszeben; Hermannstadt), Romania. Fischer studied photography in Gustav Waber’s studio in Bucharest (1887–1889). In 1897, he acquired Camilla Asboth’s photography studio in Sibiu. In 1904, he received the title of photographer to Grand Duke Josef’s court, and, in 1920, received the title of Royal Romanian Court Photographer. Fischer was the co-founder of the Sibiu Photo-Club (1904) and President of the Romanian Photographers’ Union in the late 1930s. After 1914, he worked with his brother, Josef Fischer (1898–1985), also a photographer. His photography comprised Romanian portraits, landscapes, buildings, folk genre and costumes. Fischer was also an editor of postcards, for which he provided the photography.